Get a grip, man. Get a grip on the ‘nothing’ that you Are. And stop taking your ‘self’ so seriously. ‘It’ is getting tedious.

GP2C2189.jpgThe overwhelming need for us to control everything, to know everything, to be involved in everything, leaves ‘Nothing’ behind. Controlling our life usually means we have to be the false ‘doer’. Otherwise, if there is no ‘doer’ then how can anything be controlled or completed? And what if we seemingly lose the ‘doer’ to lose the tension, but keep on controlling? Did we really lose the ‘doer’?

Controlling essentially commands a doer, a pusher. Problem is that the doing/pushing are both contraindicated for getting to the ‘effortlessness’. But then how would/could we get to this ’effortlessness’?

By letting go. In the body, when there is doing/controlling/pushing, we can actually, easily, discern the implicit tension that is part of the occupation of false self. The feeling of space in the body is certainly contracted and tensed in the job of executing a proposed agenda. Even before the actual event of doing, there is a loading up on the body that stifles It’s Presence, relaxation, and ease. This contraction summarily, typically, is present most of our waking life and commonly plays havoc even with our sleeping periods.

GP2C2195.jpgBy letting go, what goes? What goes is the resistance to “What Is”. What goes is the false identity that expects it’s iteration to continue to exist by 24/7 doing and pushing to stay relevant and falsely alive. And ‘that’ going is enough. That ‘going’ creates the space necessary to relax the contraction of trying, not trying, desiring, fearing, and unnecessarily flying past the ‘effortlessness’.

GP2C2201.jpgWhen the controlling and pushing stop, the space that has been given to these forces becomes more apparent and revealed. But not like it wasn’t there before. ‘It’ Is always Present and cannot be occluded, except seemingly. The body subsequently softens and it’s systemic brilliance is allowed to function more effortlessly, resulting in biochemical peace. Cortisol and other stress hormones give way to an uptick in dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins (remember ‘dose’).

Relaxation prompts effortlessness. The pushing is no longer rewarded, as the immediacy of feeling this good is the ticket. Inner and outer spaciousness is seemingly revealed. Options become plentiful and apparent. The dominance of control is now more clearly seen as a hinderance to productivity and accomplishment. Additionally, the owning of everything is mediated due to the grasping and controlling nature of ‘my’ and ‘mine’ being seen through.

“The fact that the current situation is present indicates that Awareness has already fully accepted it. It is only an imaginary self that subsequently resists it. In fact, the imaginary separate self comes into apparent existence as that resistance.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2203.jpgLiberation from the domineering ‘doer’ and ‘controller’ , and ‘owner’, is seen to be the cause of unnecessary suffering. The
shrouding of freedom of expression and infinite options to explore in any Moment, are liberated into the spaciousness of Being.

GP2C2197.jpgWho we Are, is revealed to being ‘nothing’ and nowhere with no preferences. This is in sharp contrast to whom we think we were.

GP2C2196.jpgSitting for a minute on this contrast, can we see that there is no need to control or push anything, when everything is Us when nothing is in the way of being Us? Occluding ourselves with positions, controls, attached doing, and the pretense of ownership is an apparent ‘falseness’ when viewed through the multiplicity and omnipresence of Oneness Itself. When we hijack and try to control every ‘thing’, we plead guilty to ‘not knowing’ Self.

GP2C2198.jpgKnowing Self is knowing spaciousness by letting go of even understanding in order to get understanding freely without conditions.The control is un-control. The freedom is right Now by losing the false control. What is there to control when You Are Nothing and Everything?

Love the Love, Daddy’O

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