IMG_0039Too much indulging over too long a period of time and fast food transforms our bodies to a lesser vehicles. Conversely, a taste now and then, with no compulsion to have and/or have not, is generally un-impactful on one’s health.

Thoughts are absolutely useful and cannot be totally dismissed. However, ownership of thoughts complicates the dynamic of their coming and going.

Thoughts are given a commission of attachment only by us. The ‘my’ we immediately pronounce on the thoughts that innocently pass through us, is stopped and redirected to the maintenance of illusion. The illusion is the false self. The conceptual self is pure illusion.

Using thoughts when necessary, is not necessarily problematic. Bowing to thoughts as reality, is essentially obeisance and subjugation to transitory objects that have no life. Thoughts are using us at this point and we are demeaned. Not unlike fast food indulging leaves us spent and still hungry for nutrition.

When we push for ‘good’ thoughts or push away from ‘bad’ thoughts, we are indulging in giving false reality to thoughts. “Good’ or ‘bad’ has really not that much to do with it. It really is a matter of whether ownership of us is happening, not the quality of the thought.

Thoughts arising and the self claiming, is highly problematic for being independent of thoughts. The ‘claiming’ is the giving of Reality to unreality, by Us. Thoughts are useful only when we maintain our independence from them as being Us. In other words, putting our identity on thoughts debases our identity.

Our Identity does not need thoughts to define our identity. Our true identity is no identity. No identity means we never become a ‘noun’. The ‘aliveness’ or verb-ing never really stops even when we make it a noun and essentially become the noun.  Identity as a ‘noun’ is dead on arrival. We have separated from Being or verb-ing and began stuffing ourselves with the fast food of thoughts with the claiming process of ownership of thoughts.

70,000 thoughts a day is a lot of fast food for the mind. The excess of thinking and entertaining these thoughts only depreciates the objectless-ness of whom we really Are. The sheer number of daily thoughts reflects an inappropriate dependence on these transitory objects. Additionally the repetitiveness and hollowness of most of these objects redirects our attention to dead ends and what’s NOT happening. Life is missed, as real Moments pass by without consciousness.

Thoughts are not needed for Being or existence. Thoughts come second to our existence. Not having any thoughts leaves Beingness/aliveness to be seen/experienced directly. Thoughts do not have to get in the way of Being the ‘Being’. Thoughts do obscure the vastness of our existence upon our overindulgence in the consumption of fast food thinking.

Thoughts and other things appear in Us. Appearance is always temporary. When We make title to these passing things (thoughts), we try to make these temporary things less temporary. Doing that fractures the ‘Openness’ and forces a contraction. Acceptance is no longer Acceptance. Compromise is a lower consciousness because of the contracting. Contraction closes doors. It does not open doors.

Letting go of thoughts as far as identity makers, frees us to Be, effortlessly. Allowing ‘them’ to appear does not transfer power to ‘them’. Thoughts will disappear on their own without any effort on our part.

Staying in the Openness is accepting everything into the Nothingness. Nothingness has no sticky points to capture any ‘thing’. This is freedom from claiming/contracting.

The fast food thinking/indulging is superfluous to Being. Being Is full contentment with everything just the way it Is. Thoughts should be used without the shift to re-defining Self.

“I, Awareness, can never be seen or known as an object, and yet all thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions shine with My light alone.” -Rupert Spira 

IMG_0038.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O

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