Object-less Awareness 

Awareness is before, or prior to, any ‘thing’ or object.

Looking for objects by an ‘object’ called the ‘mind’, can only result in the mind having limited  ability to search only for objects. It, mind, is within its capacity and lane, to do this type of search.Therein lies its limitation. Objects can find only objects. Objects are locked in their capacity as ‘object’, to only be able to find other objects. Mind is an object.


These are clear limitations for the mind. It is not a stretch to find other objects, like thoughts, sensations, or perceptions, to be divined by the mind. This apparent finding, the low ceiling of the mind, is not arguable when met with more demanding examples like Awareness. Awareness is a problem for the mind given its non-thing status. 

IMG_0018.jpegParadoxes, often represent two different suppositions in one word, for example,  the “Tao”. Paradoxical words hit the limits of clear understanding by the limitation of concepts defining non-concepts. The definitions are always interpretive and murky due to these understandings not being simple objects like a cup of coffee or a donut. Awareness is also a paradox.

However, there is a problem. There is a common belief and practice that  walks past this obvious limitation of ‘objectification’. This false belief inappropriately expands the limited range of objects to define ‘non-objects’.  This is an obvious breach of capacity/ability.

IMG_0024.jpgIt is often assumed that the above, searching and pursuing of objects chasing objects, can be applied to non-objects. Non-objects are non-things that have no limitation. Non-things are not objects. Non-things cannot be found by other objects like a ‘mind’.

The unchallenged practices of minds looking for objects is so conditioned as correct, it becomes an automatic assumption that inappropriately broadens the scope of competence to searching for non-things. When there is no discrimination as to the status of object or non-object, the results beckon failure, consistently, especially in regards to non-things/non-objects. Non-objects can NEVER be found by objects. There is no capacity for an object to transcend its built-in limitation as a ‘thing’ or a noun, to include the mind, which is a bundle of thoughts.

What to do?  Nothing! Nothing can be ‘done’. It is not a ‘doing’. And there is no ’doer’ to do it. In other words, the mind cannot ‘do’ the task of finding ‘Awareness’. “Awareness’ is clearly a ‘non-thing’ and not an object. Awareness is a verb-ing happening as Knowing. A ‘doer’ is a noun (object) that is an abstract creation i.e. an illusion.


The tools needed to get the job done are only contained in Awareness. Awareness is not a thing. Only Awareness has awareness of Awareness. Finding Awareness with Awareness is the right tool. Except there really is no finding. ‘It’ can just be overlooked by the mind. Awareness is so Present It is eternally there. Awareness can find objects but objects cannot find Awareness. 

‘What is looking’ is what we are looking for. There is no noun or object or thing in the verb of ‘looking’. Awareness Is. The aliveness of Awareness never stops else the verb becomes a noun. Additionally, language starts to get in the way as language is a thing/object.

What Is Present is never found, as it was never lost. Additionally Awareness never started or stopped. Awareness is indigenous to timelessness.

The domain of the mind is thinking in the linear substrate of finite time. The mind is a collective of thoughts. The quantity and ferocity of thought and the ceiling of thinking, obscures the obviousness of Awareness. Ergo, divestment of excessive reliance on thinking, facilitates openings for the field of Awareness to be Seen. 

The false ‘me’ is an overt contraction. It chews up resources like a black hole (excessive gravitational pull). The buttressing of the false me uses repetitive thinking to support its cause.


Additionally, Awareness has the depth of continual existence versus episodic experience. There is an absolute permanence to Awareness,  whereas contrarily, even profound experiences are fleeting. However, Awareness can be experienced, with the understanding that ‘that experience’ has no lasting permanence. Awareness is the definition of permanence. 

The dependence on thought alone, coupled with a conditioned identity with thought, creates imaginary self, and attachment to body-mind, separating us from Us. This results in a denial of Consciousness /Awareness as our first source.  Conversely, the noun called ‘matter’ which actually arrives subsequently, is the fraud that we buy every day to build an imaginary world.

Objects are not the starting point nor the endpoint

“I, Awareness, can never be seen or known as an object, and yet all thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions shine with My light alone.” -Rupert Spira

Awareness is object-less. With that proviso, Awareness can be accessed by the ‘letting’ of the contemporaneous existence of the object-less-ness of Self Now (Satchitananda -Being/Awareness/loving the existence) to abide effortlessly. There is nothing to do. There is nothing to understand. There is no-one to understand. It Is the “What Is”.


Love the Love , Daddy’OIMG_0021

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