IMG_0038When we find something missing, is that a clue that ‘that’ missing-ness is noting a discrepancy in how we are structuring our world view? If ‘nothing is ever missing’ perhaps it is an actual marker for Being-ness. Given the above, then ‘that’ missing-ness maybe a pointer to ‘See’ more of what is already Present and perhaps not fully accepted.

Fullness Is. There is a clear completeness to Being Full. Contentment abides and struggle significantly diminishes due to the understanding of acceptance. Pushing is contraindicated as an option, as ‘that’ is also an indicator of ‘trying’/‘not trying’. Being Is. Effortless-ness is the acceptance and letting go of ‘shoulds’ and incompleteness.

A reason for experiencing and promoting Silence, is that the overplay of the mind and ‘m’ and ‘y’ being attached to thoughts. The mind stuff  creates a density that impairs vision. The stimuli is overstimulating and the ground we really are, cannot find our feet. This common disconnect cannot be resolved without an understanding of where we really stand. Silence and emptiness Is the ground where we can permanently plant our feet. It Is our true nature to Be in Silence.

IMG_0036.jpegTo feel that something is missing, is to often miss the most permanent part of Ourselves in that moment. Believing in the content is believing in the temporal. There is no believing in Being-ness as it is not a concept nor does it accept pledges of fealty. Fidelity is a concept that assumes degrees of separateness relative to standing in the changing ground of content.

IMG_0030.jpegThe view we take does not have to wholly arise from content. Context or backdrop to phenomena arising/falling, is a stable view from a stable place of ‘no place’. ’No place’ due to no phenomena. The sky does not fall. Objects like meteorites can fall from the sky, metaphorically speaking.

IMG_0039.jpegThe stableness of the eternal timeless Now, when Seen from a contextual-ness that has no dog in the fight, is the ground of the merging of subject/object into the Fullness, as the true view. Then, even the content is not separate from the context. Content is sourced from context. Ergo, no difference. The starting point and the endpoint are the same in Fullness.

Phenomena is unstable to the degree it is impermanent. Phenomena is to be Seen from the ground of Being. Without the stability of the ground, phenomena generates instability in life. Silence is generally empty of stimuli. The ‘tornado of me’ or the contraction called ‘me’, is by its nature, staying alive as an illusion with enormous continuous effort. Shifting to Silence and shifting to context, allows a view to observe rather than indulge in phenomena, undercutting the illusion of ‘me’.

IMG_0029.jpeg“See thoughts and feelings like a train that enters a station and then leaves; be like the station, not like a passenger.” -Rupert Spira

What is revealed is the innate satisfaction of Presence Itself. There is realization that there is no place to go and nothing to get, at least as far as phenomena is concerned. That is enough to sustain the shift.

Phenomena is looked at as a utility not an urgency. There is no more urgency and no more pushing. “What Is” shows up in the substrate of grounded-ness of Being. Then, it is only this. There is ’nothing’ missing.IMG_0038.jpeg

Love the Love, Daddy’O

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