IMG_0049.jpegIdeas are objects or thoughts at their core. They have no intrinsic life force. Ideas are essentially ‘dead’ in that any sparkle in them is from the Reality carrying the thought/idea. The thought/idea can never be brought to life like Pinnochio. Fairy tales are enchanting but clearly lack any substance.

If identity is an idea, then identity takes on the characteristics of all ideas, temporary, dead on arrival, and only a subset of reality. The point being is that there can never be any real life or aliveness to an idea/thought due to its cardboard-like nature.

Identity housed in a cardboard-like structure needs constant attention lest the identity collapses. This may sound exaggerated but clocking what our real moment-to-moment experience is, reveals a ‘me’ that has characteristics of a celestial black hole, gobbling up matter/energy, to support a specious idea that is evidence-free, as far as having its own existence. This is why ‘silence’ causes angst among some people because silence does not provide the infrastructure necessary to support a typical ‘me’.

The ‘me’ is merely a thought/idea that comes after Being but presumes in time to come before ’Timelessness’. A point of order, Timelessness Is, while ‘time’ arises from Eternity. The ‘me’ has never existed despite identity and belief conspiring a fictional character. The story of Pinnochio tells of his nose growing, adding to his lore. Moreover, Pinnochio was never a real boy because there never was a Pinnochio. The ’story’ of ‘me’ is only a ‘story’ and NOT a reality. Conversely, ‘Reality’ has no story and cannot be defined.

The ‘me’ however, is taking up a position and demands to be relieved of its self-uncertainty and instability. The sustenance ‘me’ needs is overwhelming and often expansive, pushing away from others (separation). The ideas of ‘me’ as the doer, thinker, and owner give rise to the activity of ‘claiming’ even self-less ideas selfishly. Ergo, spirituality is claimed and derided by a fraud to be used fraudulently, while ‘feeling’ good about ‘me’.

IMG_0054An idea cannot wake up as it is a thought/object with no capacity to go beyond its inherent limitation. The ‘seeker’ shows up as a variant thought/object and ‘claims’ it can find ‘Awareness’ for the object. Objects, to include ’seekers’, cannot find ‘Awareness’, as the mere ‘looking’ for it misses the ‘looking’ that is it.

Thoughts/objects have densities that are not pliable but essentially ‘fixed’, creating a low ceiling on seeing/understanding more subtle realities. Leaving the imaginary ‘view’ of ‘me’ requires giving up the dense identity tied to the ‘me’.

IMG_0050.jpegWhat Is Present Is always Present, subtly in the backdrop every single Moment, despite the distractions of mind looking for other objects. The formless silence is always holding space unconditionally. 

The Awareness is in the context not the content. The context is subtler and fully accepting of everything, even to include the noise of ‘me’.   

“Thinking imagines that our essential nature of pure Awareness shares the limits and the destiny of the body. With this belief, a limited, temporary self comes into apparent existence, on whose behalf most thoughts, feelings, activities and relationships are undertaken.” -Rupert Spira

Being ‘awake’ is Being first and last in ‘no’ identity, as identity is a claiming of artificial limitation. We Are Everything first with temporary phenomena being an expression of Everything, and still in Everything. ’Not two’ (Advaita) is everything Is Everything. Causeless-ness, Formless-ness, Fullness Is Us before ideas and seeming limitations.

IMG_0048.jpegLove the Love, Daddy’O

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