Seeing from Everywhere is essentially being free to Be. To ‘Be’ because our freedom is not overly refined by any object. Being-ness Is without objects/things/concepts/thoughts. Being-ness is prior to all that and therefore not ‘needing’ any of that after-ness.

IMG_0099.jpegSeeing from Everywhere is not limiting the unlimited, of which we Are unlimited, first. No limitation is a seeming characteristic of an undefinable Being-ness. Contrarily, limitation is the over-refining of our identity as an object. Mind and thoughts are objects, as they rise and fall and appear and disappear. Mind and thoughts essentially objectify the concept of limitation through this constant coming/going. There is no sustainable permanence to this fickleness, to especially include the ‘me’.

IMG_0067.jpegThe heavy gravity of  ‘me’ soaks up and truncates infinite bandwidth into a single point. Whereas ’Openness’ can move from the ’unlimited’ to a very ‘limited’ object we call ‘me’. Being an ‘object’, the ‘me’ is clearly and unambiguously limited, as its nature is illusory and unstable. This ‘me’ is a primary false reference point, especially when processing the phenomena of life. There is an implicit distortion in ‘me’ as it cannot See any thing but objects. Therein lies limitation.

IMG_0095.jpegThe ‘me’, most importantly, cannot directly See Being-ness, as there is no capacity to process this prior-ness. The ‘me’, upon testing, cannot get prior-ness while being coopted by the limited object-ness of ‘me’. Ergo, this is a dead-end view as far as Seeing the Ineffable. This view can only be reflective of the reach of the implicit range of seeing only  objects and things.

IMG_0101.jpegThe reality of Reality being Consciousness first and phenomena second, can be recognized only through Awareness Itself. Only Awareness has the capacity to See the unlimited as everywhere/nowhere as a starting point/endpoint (or endless point). The ‘unlimited’ is prior to all things and contemporaneously, the progenitor of life itself.

IMG_0102.jpegAwareness being aware of Awareness is Seeing from Everywhere. This view is tantamount to ‘no view’ while Seeing it all. Investing in limited views and sticking with limited objects like ‘me’, disallows the ‘Wholeness’ that is clearly not two. The ‘me’ indulges in separation and owning a view, when there is no ‘me’ and there is no owning anything in Reality. Wholeness Is everything with no separation from anything.

IMG_0094.jpegSeeing from Everywhere is the true starting point of changelessness and causeless Wholeness. This is where everything is happening and nothing ever happened. We have never gone anywhere as Wholeness. 

Seeing from Everywhere as the character in this movie, is Seeing the movie but Being the Being ceaselessly. The part must be played without limitation of true identity. Then the movie is acted upon through the Seeing of the unseen.

IMG_0091.jpeg“The light of pure Knowing, which shines in all that is known, doesn’t share the changing qualities of the known but is, at the same time, its reality, just as the screen doesn’t share the qualities of the image, but is its substance.” -Rupert Spira 

It Is the undefinable Awareness that Knows and Sees everything as It Is everything everywhere. There is no separation no matter how much is pretended or believed otherwise. Everything everywhere always occurs in the Everything of Being-ness.

Love the Love, Daddy’Oimage.png 

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