Why the adjective of ‘causeless’? If happiness is event-based, then the adjective is problematic. If happiness is event-free, then the adjective is appropriate.

Event-based happiness is the ground of temporariness and insufficiency. Event-free happiness is free of any event having any effect on happiness.

Then, perhaps the definition and clarification of what happiness is, may need to be articulated. What is taken to be happiness, more commonly, is the pleasure we experience between two moments we don’t especially like or feel good about. Essentially, ‘pleasure’ is surrounded by pain and/or insufficient pleasure.

In any case of refining ideas of pleasure/pain/happiness, we find a binding by/of time and temporariness. Consequently, the optics of insufficiency surround even the faux happiness we experience (when we actually experience this pleasure). Hence, “Why does this have to end?”

True Self is not bound by any ‘thing’ of a temporary nature. ’Time’ itself is binding in that it is temporary and unstable. Time is an overlay of timelessness. Only timelessness has the stability to give time illusory traction. Time can seem to drag or speed, depending on circumstance/experience. Time can appear to disappear in deep sleep.

True Self Is always Present Now. And ’Now’ is not a moment in time. Time is in the ’Now’. And the ’Now’ never changes from Being the Now, much like true happiness.

Being ‘One’ with universal stability is Being ‘One’ with Everything/Nothing, as distinctions are for manufactured understanding.

Causeless happiness Is the ‘Isness’ more than any quality we may arbitrarily distill. “Causeless Awareness” is no different than “Causeless happiness” except in the academic sense. The ‘Isness’ Is Everything. There is no sorting to do. ‘It’ Is just Being.

The nature of ‘Being’ is fullness, silence, love, and happiness. There is never ‘any’ need to push for what is. Pushing only moves us away from the sought. And ’seeking’ is ‘pushing’.

Event-based happiness is sought and nurtured. This is ‘pushing’ disguised as ‘good’ effort.

Event-free happiness is Present and It’s nature Is ‘Full’ with no need to ‘do’ anything. ‘Being’ is wholly sufficient, always. If there is a lacking or event-dependence, then it is ‘self’ clearly not abiding in event-free ’Being’.

“Our essential nature of pure Awareness gains or loses nothing from the entire human adventure.” -Rupert Spira

We Are the ‘Causeless-ness-ing’ free from any binding or temporariness.

The arising and falling of temporary structures does not effect the absolute stability of Beingness/Happiness/Awareness/Love. Freedom from temporary structures means we don’t become a container for event-based happiness and temporary pleasure. We Are what remains when ’nothing’ is ‘nothing-ness’. Be Happy.

May Chassis rest in the Fullness.IMG_0086

Love the Love, Daddy’O


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