‘Experiencing’ is constantly moving. ‘Experience’, conversely, has essentially stopped once out of the Now and placed itself in linear time called ‘past’. 

GP2C2211.jpegHowever, when ‘experience’ is merged with ‘experiencing’, then there is no difference between ‘experience’ and ‘experiencing’, just as the Now is fully Now and only the Now. The parsing out to ‘time’, in past (or future) ‘nouns’ and kills the aliveness of the Moment, as ‘time’ is only a derivative of Now-ness-ing. The Now cannot actually be parsed, as parsing would attempt to cut up the uncuttable. The Now is full as full can be without being fuller. There is no excess. There is no deficiency except ‘seemingly’ so.

GP2C2225.jpeg‘Experiencing’ Is the Now. This moment called ‘experiencing’ is verb-ing without pause and without effort. In order to have an ‘experience’, we would have to create a noun to have the ‘experience’. Creating a ‘noun’ is fine. But a ‘noun’ is essentially is a stopping of ‘experiencing’. ‘Experiencing’ goes on to see the ‘noun’ arise and fall. ‘Experiencing’ never stops despite the seeming finality and stasis of ‘nouns’.

GP2C2219.jpegThe ‘noun’ created and commonly called ‘self’ or ‘me’, is a contracted limitation of Being or ‘experiencing’. It is artificial and unreal due to its inherent loss of aliveness. The ‘aliveness’ is there despite the noun-ing, but is seemingly muted and limited by the overlay. 

GP2C2215.jpegMoreover, the heralding of ‘experience’ is essentially the stopping of ‘experiencing’ and the throttling of the ‘experienc-er’, clearly valuing  ‘experience’ over ‘experiencing’.

There is nothing wrong with ‘nouns’ per se except when ‘nouns’ or ‘experience’, are used for identity and self-knowledge.

GP2C2214.jpegDespite the above, all there is to ‘experience’ is the ‘knowing’ of experience i.e ‘experiencing’. Even when ‘experience’ is a noun, it’s essential nature still remains ‘experiencing’ through the ‘knowing’. The ‘knowing’ of the ‘noun’ ultimately undermines the noun-ness of the noun.

Notably, the ‘experiencing’ or ‘knowing’ is never really limited except that it appears to be limited. Experience arises in experiencing. Everything arises in experiencing. We Are the ‘experiencing’ non-stop.

Lastly, ‘experiencing’ is synonymous with ‘what’s happening’. ‘What’s happening’ never really stops to wait for ‘what’s happened’. “What’s happened’ is dead and done. The aliveness is not extant there as it is illusion. ‘What’s happening’ is never done. It Is the aliveness Being and Knowing Itself Now ad infinitum

“Know your Self as the Knowing in all that is known.” -Rupert Spira

gp2c2213All ‘that’ is in the Now as the Now, never stops and waits for ‘things’ to catch up. ‘It’ (experiencing) can only Be the Now, as the Now Is everything always. What Is happening Is the Now experiencing the Now as Knowing Itself.

GP2C2206.jpegThe phenomena of experience, like all phenomena, is ultimately part of the emptiness and un-contracted Self of experiencing. The contraction of experience is not the perennial Source. The ‘experience’ is a stopping point. Be alive Now with experiencing the ‘what’s happening’ in every single Moment. ’That’ emptiness is Full.

Love the Love, Daddy’O  


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