Is that not how the Universe operates? Emptiness first, then creation and phenomena. And is it a rolling emptiness? Emptiness Is ‘that’ that never ceases. Its nature is eternal emptiness.

IMG_0165.jpegAnd how are we set up? Like the universe?! Or like the separate ‘me’ gone wild? The latter, I presume, fits most of us most of the time.

Isn’t that a disconnect especially when we are often trying to connect? The ‘trying’ is automatically a disconnect in that ‘trying’ moves on a false pretense. There is no ‘trying’ and there is no ‘not trying’.

It Is just the ‘Is-ing’, isn’t it? But the loading of all that stuff of ‘me’ seemingly occludes the Self called ‘Is-ing’. All that stuff is literally stuffed in a little pocket called ‘me’. The imposition of limitation is the nature of ‘me’. Consequently, artificial limitation and the overcrowding of space with junk, yields less than satisfactory use of emptiness.

We are used to all that hoarding that a ‘me’ requires. Being overpacked, we grudgingly let go. Fear of the illusory future, compounds the ticket to freedom. Present and Presence is not felt/realized due to conditioned response, especially the fear of losing stuff.

IMG_0169.jpegEmptiness has no fear, as fear is used to hoard. When we are empty there is no chair for fear to sit upon. No fear, no future, no hoarding of temporary stuff, and no cathecting of objects requiring a holding penalty. Emptiness is sufficient to Itself. Fear and Emptiness are not compatible.

Emptiness is faceted with a nuanced ‘openness’. Since the field is no longer cluttered with ‘me’ stuff, it is easier to continue the freedom to naturally Be. ‘Openness’ is the anti-clutter solution to prevent a return to the status quo of hoarding.

‘Openness’ is not falling for the shiny objects that typically draw us out of Self. ‘Openness’ recognizes the rise and inevitable fall of stuff, which concludes that a pursuit would be meaningless to Its substance. Seeing the mechanics of clutching any position as antithetical to Being, freedom commences without a return to the dumpster dive.

IMG_0158.jpegNot holding anything or any position, mimics the Divine hand, in that ’that’ direct experience quantifies as true upon testing. Instead of drawing a line through a circle to represent ‘me’, the circle remains infinitely full of limitless lines that could be drawn through the circle. The circle is always uncluttered. Preferences are essentially ‘no preferences’. Consequently, there is no ‘me’ left to draw a line.

‘No preferences’ does not wholesale exclude all preferences entirely. ’No preferences’ would practically mean that not a single ‘preference’ would become a dictator to Self. The body/mind will naturally have preferences but to the degree that they always fall short of controlling outcomes that are normally effortlessly taken care of by Self. Carmel lattes are still ok. Selling your soul for a trip to Disney World is not.

IMG_0157.jpegFreedom is freedom from the consequences of having preferences that bind and rule Us. This ‘letting go’ is not to be managed as management is too bossy. What is lost is the noun called ‘me’ and as the tyrant (me) that will never be satisfied. What is there to be managed when there is no destructive tornado of me? What is managing the trillion processes each second in the body/mind? Who manages the coherence and physical laws of the universe?

“Our essential nature of pure Awareness has no agenda with the mind, body or world. It is like empty space, completely allowing, and yet indifferent to whatever appears within it. However, it is not a cold, distant indifference: it gives its substance utterly and intimately to whatever appears within it. As such, it is a loving indifference. Be knowingly this loving indifference.” -Rupert Spira

IMG_0175.jpegEmptiness beckons Fullness. There is no need for a solution as the solution is prior to all manifestation. Dropping back to nothing is nothing seeing nothing but nothing. That is where everything starts.

Be nowhere and nothing to Be complete. The resistance is the holding of spurious stuff. Being empty of everything becomes Us.

Love the Love, Daddy’OIMG_0162.jpeg


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