In the heart of hearts there is only Love. Love is Present as pure Love as there is nothing but Love. It is in this venue of Being that even the appearance of two is illusion, with Oneness the prevailing Reality.

There cannot be ‘two’ as there is never any substance to ’two’ even when seen as ’two’. ’Two’ is only a reflection of ‘One’. The ‘One’ only appears to Be ’two’.

When seemingly arriving as ’two’, the Pure Love transmutes ’that’ idea into the Reality of ‘One-ness’. In the heart of hearts, it is if the appearance is ‘two’ separate beings hugging each other, when seen from separateness. The ‘two’ are merging and melting into each other, to the point where there is no longer any distinguishing one from the other. 

IMG_0183.jpegThe forms and formlessness of pure Knowing, of pure Love, are seamlessly Present in both forms and formlessness. The ’two’ is strictly an appearance, a mirage. The ‘One-ness’ never really moves off of Its integrity of Being. Form and Formless is One-ness expressing this Being, Being Love loving Love.

In the heart of hearts there are no illusions, no forms -just Love. ‘Here’ is Now and Now is Love permanently abiding. 

IMG_0184.jpegIn this Loving Heart, Love is also pure effortless-ness. There is ABSOLUTELY no effort in ‘this’ Being. Love Is. Love Is the absence of any distinction or edges. Love Is Presence in all experience, or more accurately, experiencing.

To Be Love is to Be free any thought or distinction of anything but Love. Love is first and last and yet ‘It’ (Loving) has no beginning or end.

There is no distance between anything or anybody in the heart of hearts. How could there be? ‘This’ Is Love Loving Love purely and effortlessly in the Now of forever.

“Everything we have ever longed for  peace, happiness and love  resides at the heart of all experience, always available, under all circumstances.” -Rupert Spira

Lastly, there is no need to reestablish anything, to include Love/Being. Reestablishing would be pushing. Effortlessness is Presence with no stops or pauses. Love Is effortless. Love Is full with nothing to complete, as ‘It’ Is all Now. And there is nothing to become as it is always Becoming Love.

Love Loves Love, Daddy’O img_0189  

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