The spicing of objects, thoughts, sensations, and perceptions is intoxicating, if we let ourselves be taken in with no regard for Truth. The Truth is all ‘that other stuff’ is illusory and unfulfilling. Belief, aka bravo sierra, has cemented even more ideas and commitments, to following this trend of unnecessary attachment.

This is certainly not to say we can not enjoy frivolities. Frivolities are just that. They are not long-term investments. They are absolutely transitory and ephemeral.

When we experientially understand the tendency to over-invest in something that is unfulfilling and unyielding of satiation, we stop investing in that plunging stock.

However, the certain outcome of allegiance to the temporal, is clearly bankruptcy in a time-based world. Any length of time added to the attachment to temporal objects, yields a negative outcome. The ’Now’ is lost to stuff.

The problem is hanging on to something that is moving back to ’nothing-ness’. ’That’ ‘something’ is always going back to ’nothing’ and ‘no time’, as ‘time’ is a subset of timeless-ness.

It is funny that then we resist the ‘nothing’ that really is ‘everything’, made obvious through ‘time’. Why not start at ‘nothing’ and ‘nowhere’ and end up at ‘everything’ and ‘everywhere’ without any ‘doing’? Do we really need ‘that’ something to get what eventually goes to ‘nothing-ness’ effortlessly?

Who we are is ‘nobody’ doing ‘anything’, except when we believe we are the doer. But what is really abiding in all ‘that’, just ‘Is’. The ‘Is-ness’ always ‘Is’ before, during, and after all phenomena and change. The ‘Is-ness’ is the featureless permanence of nothing being everything.

Life is living through us as ‘Us’. ‘Us’ Is not bound by any ‘thing’ as any ‘thing’ is sheer transitoriness. When We are ‘Us’, we are the ‘Is-ness’ without time, space, or effort.GP2C2231.jpeg

To enjoy and enjoin in life, the transitory must be dealt with, not worshipped. It is imperative to enjoy while not denying the transitoriness of the temporal. Enjoying means we never get bound and lost in the sauce of ’stuff’ that basically yields nothing.

When we have fun with objects just as objects, we glide past any faux commitment to compulsion and obsession, which are characteristic of extremes. Extremes are not balanced and not full of contentment. They yield stress and suffering as they are conditional and illusory. Having fun is being free enough to see the ridiculous-ness of holding on to something that is not meant to have any endurance. This freedom and Seeing, yields the proper use of available ’stuff’.

Who we Are Is the ‘Oneness’ that Is everyone, everywhere, and everything, first and last. ‘It’ all occurs in this ‘Oneness’. There is no ‘Oneness’ plus the little ‘me’. It just Is ‘this’.

“Love is the natural condition of all experience before thought has divided it into a multiplicity and diversity of objects, selves and others.” -RUPERT SPIRA

We are the ‘stuff’ we presumably want and strive for in the typical life lived. Contrarily, ’we’ do not have Awareness (as the me). Awareness has us. We do not have a life, life has us. We Are the Formless in form. And there is no difference as ‘it’ all is the ‘Oneness’ that can never be found or lost.GP2C2234.jpeg

Pass the sauce.

Love the Love, Daddy’O


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