There is no Reality in unreality. Future never comes. And when it appears to arrive, it is never the same imagined future we thought it was.

‘Future’ is a concept necessary for linear time. It is functional only when it is not dysfunctional.

Functionality predisposes us to using the legitimate operating principles of planning and experiencing, while “in the Moment”. It is not that we stop using or denying the concept of ‘future’. It is more that we don’t allow the concept to use Us and thereby invite distortion of identity, confusion, illusion, and false premises.

Illustratively, dysfunction abides boldly in the open when we ‘seek’ the presumed ‘good’ in the future, as a presumed necessary step in our evolution. The mass illusion we participate in, is justifying living for an illusion (future) and not Being Present to what is always present i.e. what we are looking for in the future.

Looking to the future to ‘get’ what we are not getting in the Present is to overtly deny the problem we are having with the ‘present’. The ‘present’ is not a problem. The ‘present’ is ultimately the ’Now’ unbound by time.

The ‘present’ as ‘problem’ is very problematic. The resistance to the ‘present’ is the real problem. The ‘present’ is never a problem unless we distort it.

The resistance to the ‘present’, is what we are afraid of ’seeing’. Our resistance to “What Is” is based on some idea that “What Is” is not Us.

The duality of concepts and the preference for one pole versus another, is the checking in of constant separation (from the Whole). Literally grabbing on to this is ‘right’ and this is ‘wrong’, is the bipolar disorder of much of humanity. There is no freedom or openness in this ‘grabbing’ and ‘holding’ of imaginary lines.

‘Both/and’ is much closer to full acceptance and the freedom of movement away from the single line of ‘my idea/position’. Freedom draws no lines through the infinite circle of possible lines that can be drawn. Freedom/acceptance is all lines in the circle, drawing (holding) none.

Ergo, Being Present is drawing no lines ever. Future draws us in the illusion from the ‘present’. Conversely, Reality experienced is only Presence. The idea of ‘future’, owning ‘this’ or ‘that’, is the idea of future lying to us about its false promise. Integration can never be achieved in a distorted state e.g. future. Drawing lines is arguing with Presence.

The ‘pushing’ for the future is a vaunted characteristic of success. ‘Pushing’ always results in distortion as ‘pushing’ is never found in Awareness. ‘Pushing’ also throws us into the vagaries of thought/mind and the loss of clarity.

Being Present is full. There is no ’need’ to supplant ‘fullness’. ‘Fullness’ Is contentment. Contentment is inherently acceptance of the optimal balance of ‘Being’ without neediness of anything. It Is a self-fulfilling existence as ‘this’ existence is inherently always ‘full’ in Its Presence. Presence has no self-interest as a consequence of Its ‘fullness’.

Seeking or resistance to “What Is” is the formula for suffering. Waiting for the future is suffering in the present.

In the awakeness and clarity of Now, we are alive with ‘fullness’. There is no future to go to as it all Is as It Is. Is ‘pushing’ (aka resistance) more fun than effortlessness? More can get accomplished without ‘pushing’ or giving away our Presence to a mythical future. Timelessness never has the limitation of ‘future’.

“Thought has taken the ever-present reality that properly belongs to Me, Awareness, and superimposed it upon the mind, body and world. Give back to Me what properly belongs to Me, and everything will fall into place.” -Rupert Spira

Draw no lines or distinctions or borders. That would be unnecessary arbitrariness. Freedom to be Presence and fullness is only available Now. When we accept everything, then there is nothing to be done (accomplished). This Is freedom, to Be everything.IMG_0215

Love the Love, Daddy’O

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