GP2C2256The “knowing” is not knowledge-based. The “knowing” of an experience is not the experience. The “knowing” never stops “knowing”. It Is. It Is behind everything.

There is no rest for “knowing” as It Is eternally ‘nothing’ and that ‘nothing’ needs nothing. Rest is not needed when in the “knowing”, in contrast to ‘outside’  the “knowing”, in the phenomenal, where rest may be needed.

GP2C2277.jpgWhat is outside the “knowing”? Seemingly, there is the appearance of illusion, appearing to be outside of the “knowing”.  The constant iteration of a false self made up of a streaming affirmation of thoughts, appears to be separate. This is an unnatural field having ‘dis-unity’ as a principle for integration. There is never any real calm in this construct as it is blatantly artificial and unreal. The sheer quantity of affirmations of the conceptual self make the demand for a faux reality (for the conceptual self).

GP2C2269.jpegThis is the ‘no one’. The ‘no one’ is handicapped in that it is missing significant pieces of Reality in its construction. The ‘Fullness’ cannot be accessed due to the obscuration constantly present 24/7 in this compromised state. The ‘no one’ is desperately seeking that mysterious ‘something’, which is a ‘thing’. ‘No one’ can ever find such a ‘thing’ because it does not exist as a ‘thing’. The seeking, however, continues, often until death, without much substantive success.

GP2C2274.jpegThe ‘no one’ does not really exist. It exists only as a character. The character of ‘no one’ believes itself to be real. That is what characters generally do. They ‘do’ this without the essential element of ‘being’ or ‘feeling of existence’. The ‘feeling of existence’ is there, but is not accessed as an essential starting point for every Moment, by this character, generally called ‘no one’.

GP2C2275.jpeg“Thoughts’ rule. Usually thoughts about ‘no one’ rule at the rate of about 70,000 per day. With that much energy devoted to ‘no one’, the ‘no one’ feels real. Conditioning and adaptation accommodate the fraud. Fraudulence can never get relief as it is based on a tornado of unreality.

GP2C2270.jpegThoughts are useful when they are used as tools. When thoughts dominate our identity, then thoughts have become the monster we created -the ‘no one’ being some thing.

GP2C2273.jpegFor the ‘no one’ to ‘have’ or not to ‘have’ an experience, what is essentially presented is a further affirmation of unreality. How could ‘no one’ have or not have any thing?! Can an illusion have an illusion? 

GP2C2264.jpegWe are dreaming the dream and the dream has an experience that ‘no one’ feels is real. Is the experience real? Is there anyone there to experience anything? The ‘Real’ Is the dreaming. There is no other. ‘No one’ cannot be found except as an illusion, in the dream. We can believe that ‘no one’ is real. But then that ‘belief’ does not test out.

When we applaud ourselves for ‘having’ a profound experience, we are basically applauding ‘no one’. And ‘no one’ is a certified illusion.  Applauding here, is affirming the illusory idea of what we ‘think’ we are. Existence is before any thought or illusion to include ‘no one’. Losing the ‘knowing’ of existence is losing the clear starting point of whom we really Are.

When we feel we have ‘not’ had the experience we should have had, then we clearly indulge in more of the affirming of ‘no one’.

There is no loss or gain, ever. There Is only the ‘Fullness’ of whom We Are constantly beyond even time. The seeking establishes and re-establishes the ‘no one’ who thinks it is ‘someone’. Seeing the process of the creation and supplication to ‘no one’ is what liberates Us from ‘no one’.

GP2C2244.jpegBe ‘that’, effortlessly. Be only the experiencing not the experience. Experiencing is the verb that never stops. Experience is the noun that stops and ends. All ‘this’ Is effortless

“Pure Knowing, without a subject that knows or an object that is known, is what we are, not what we do. Thus, for our Self, to know is to be, and to be is to know.” -RUPERT SPIRA 

Know the ‘knowing’. Be the ‘dreaming’. See the Seeing seeing. We Are the Seeing of everything.

Love Loves Love, Daddy’O 

1 thought on “THERE’S ‘NO ONE’ TO NOT HAVE AN EXPERIENCE “For the ‘no one’ to ‘have’ or not to ‘have’ an experience, what is essentially presented is a further affirmation of unreality. How could ‘no one’ have or not have any thing?! Can an illusion have an illusion?”

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