GP2C2327‘Nobody’ is not a threat to ‘somebody’. ‘Somebody’ already has made a statement about being some ‘thing’ or idea. ‘Nobody’ has no investment in things, as ‘things’ are worthless from this viewpoint. The freedom of ‘nobody’ is unsurpassed. 

GP2C2328‘Nobody’ doesn’t care while contemporaneously caring greatly. Being ‘nobody’ allows infinite expression and fullness to appear. There is no one to prefer this or that. ‘All’, is all in, all the time.

GP2C2326Having no preference, allows full freedom from personal conflicts and self-interest to not molest Love Itself. ‘Nobody’ Loves everyone equally as ‘nobody’, as Love is never divided up or parcelled out. ‘Nobody’ can ‘Be’ Love effortlessly as there are no distinctions. There is ‘no one’ to ‘nobody’. 


‘Nobody’ understands ‘Existence’ .  ‘Existence’ too, has no preferences. ‘Nobody’ and ‘Existence’ come first before any masquerading of identity and separation into phenomena. There are no limitations in ‘nobody’ and/or ‘Existence’, as they are all things before things were things. 

GP2C2305We are always ‘nobody’ before/after a presumed ‘somebody’. ‘Existence’ too has ‘that’ prior-ness that has us all, first and last. ’Nobody’ and ‘Existence’ are essentially ’Oneness’ culled into the diversity of everyone and everything. Despite everyone and everything appearing, the ‘Oneness’ of ‘nobody’ and ‘Existence’ is unchanged, maintaining the singularity of ‘Oneness’, despite seeming duality.

GP2C2299’Nobody’ has a clear view of True Nature as there is no ‘somebody’ to pretend otherwise. ’Somebody’ often morphs into a limited character with complimentary limitations. There is no ‘somebody’ in ‘nobody’, which disallows believing in a separate existing True Self. Not being in separation automatically disallows believing in separation and separate identity.

GP2C2307True Self aka ‘nobody’ is never believing. It just Is.

GP2C2309Nobody’ is free. ‘Nobody’ needs to be liberated. ‘Somebody’ needs to be freed. ’Somebody’ needs to be liberated. Ergo, there is no ‘somebody’.

GP2C2311’Nobody’ is not even a seeming noun in this sentence. A noun would defy being ‘nobody’. ’Nobody’ is less than a noun. ’Nobody’ is more like ‘no-body-ing’, a verb. 

Being, Knowing, experiencing with no stops finds ‘nobody’ Present. Just Presence abiding in Presence.

GP2C2320“Devotion is love directed towards an ‘other’. Divested of the ‘other’ our devotion finds nothing to turn towards, and, as a result, vacillates for a moment, flows back to its source, and stands revealed as pure love.We are the light of pure Knowing that runs through all experience. Stay with that, as that. Be and know only that.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2336Being ‘nobody’ allows a maximum of ‘Openness’ to fill the emptiness available. Being ‘somebody’ limits the ‘unlimited’. ’Nobody’ cannot be imprisoned as It Is everywhere being found nowhere.

Love the Love, Daddy’O



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