image.pngDo we see a driver? There is no driver. The driver is just a thought. Perceiving only perceives perceiving.

GP2C2361To put a driver in the vehicle would take an illusion to enact the noun called ‘driver’. Even then, it, the driver, is only there in perception not reality. And what perception experientially concludes, is the perception or perceiving of the driver, which ultimately is the ‘knowing’.

GP2C2352However, there is no distance created, even when seemingly created, between the driver and the driving. Making a ‘noun’ out of the driver is the false separation of duality. Only when perception and experiencing are replaced by conceptual constraints, does the driver appear more real than validated perception. The driver then appears conceptually not experientially.

GP2C2357The concepts do not have the backing of Reality to assist in a proper conclusion. Our experiencing, without the need for conceptually framing something into a ‘thing’, is what we know deeply as truth. Truth cannot be funneled into a limited conceptual base. That base is too small for the enormity of formless-ness masquerading as form and back to formless-ness.

GP2C2356The prior-ness of existence needs existence Itself to discern Itself. Thoughts or concepts do not make the cut as they are severely truncated temporary limited objects. All there is is the knowing of thoughts, perceptions, and experience. Without the ‘knowing’, there would be no perception of things masquerading as things. The ‘knowing’ is most essential.

GP2C2345GP2C2347The ‘knowing’ precludes the ‘known’. The ‘known’ is artificial, a noun per se. There is no need for the ‘known’ as It all is just ‘knowing’. There is only the ‘knowing’ of seeing, tasting, touching, hearing and smelling. The experience is one with the ‘knowing’ as the seeming ‘two’ of ‘knowing’ and ‘experience’ are the same ‘knowing’.

GP2C2345Hence, there is no driver. Only the perceiving of perceiving. What perceives the so-called driver, is the perceiving and knowing of formless-ness in form. The formless-ness never departs. The forms manifest and un-manifest as do all phenomena. The driver is truly formless-ness as seen by the Seeing.

GP2C2350GP2C2349Seeing things clearly requires no belief system. Not seeing things clearly involves employing a belief system i.e. believing in separation when experientially all that is found is ‘knowing’ knowing ‘knowing’. Belief in separation results in a massive illusion engendering suffering and alienation.

Dependence on thought alone is wholly insufficient to ‘divine’ Reality. Knowing thoughts is knowing limitation and form. Knowing Self is knowing the unlimited and formless-ness.

“It is only an activity of thinking and feeling that makes it seem that we are something other than open, empty, unlimited Awareness but even this activity takes place in and is made out of Awareness alone.” -Rupert Spira

It Is all connected but the unity can be most clearly seen through the ‘knowing’ of every thing and nothing. Everything is everything first and last with no ‘not knowing’. And ‘nothing’ is a part of that ‘everything’.

imageLove Loves Love always, Daddy’O

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