Everything sources from the endless fountain called ‘Love’.

How so? 

Experientially we ‘know’ that ‘Love’ is our starting point. When we feel ‘Love’ we ‘see’ that it is complete and fulfilling, before going to any ‘thing’ or idea. The ‘thing’ or idea, is always second. Love is prior to any ‘thing’.

GP2C2386If we love motorcycles or if we love knitting, it Is the Love that is abiding before, during, and after any ‘thing’. Is it not?

GP2C2388Love is timeless and ergo forever Present. It has never started or stopped. It Is available in all the linear time we seemingly have. The Love incarnate Is Us.

The expression of Love in the ephemeral does not make Love ephemeral. The ephemeral will arise and fall while Love Is witnessing it all, all the time.

The ‘Love’ is not conditional even when we make it conditional. Conditional love is not ‘Love’. ‘Love’ remains untouched despite the manipulation.  The manipulation is ephemeral and therefore cannot Be ‘Love’. Adding manipulation to Love is separating ‘Love’ into conditions.  ‘Conditions’ cannot rule Love. 

Again, ‘Love’ is before all conditions and complete to the degree that It cannot be improved. The ‘Fullness of Love’ is never not full. It cannot be diminished by any temporal condition.

Given that we often take ‘Love’ with Us to journeys of self-gratification, the question must be asked, ”When does Love stop Being Love”?

The distinguishing, is in who is carrying the water, so to speak. When we add desire and the tornado of me to ‘Love’, then only ‘Love’ remains. ‘Love’ remains as ‘Love’. The downgrade remains as the downgrade. The separate self serving its illusory existence, cannot force ‘Love’ into this servitude. ‘Love’ Is only ‘Love’, yet again. ‘Love’ Is nothing carrying everything, even water, with no conditions. The downgrade is what is conditional/temporal.

Love is the natural condition of all experience before thought has divided it into a multiplicity and diversity of objects, selves and others.” -Rupert Spira

Know ‘Love’ as the seamless-ness of everything. It Is the awakened stability that allows the conditional and transitory to temporarily abide without explicit interference. But not only not interfering, but also ’Love’ Is delightfully Present to ingratiate any open contact, to thrive with beautiful aliveness.

‘Love’ is first. And last.

GP2C2562You Are Love. Love Loves Love, Daddy’O


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