Love I Am. You know that I Love You. In other words, I Am You unconditionally. 

When ‘It’ Is all Causeless-ness, what is the effect?

The seeming ‘cause’ has a seeming ‘effect’. Causeless-ness just Is. What more can it Be? The ‘dreaming’ is not the ‘dreamt’. The ‘character’ is an extremely limited player in the dream which itself is extremely limited. It Is the ‘Dreaming’ that is most real and that is the play of life in both the awake state and dreamt state of the play. ‘What’ is dreamt is insignificant relative to the ‘Dreaming’. The ‘dreamt’ has absolutely no effect on the causeless ‘Dreaming’.

Love Is the source of everything and nothing. Love is insistent on loving everything because it is everything. Love Loves Love. This ‘Love’ is causeless and un-conditioned. Because this Love Is everything, then everything Is always unmistakably Love.

This ‘Love’ Is completely, top to bottom, Us, relative and absolute. There is nothing outside of ‘this’ Love. Love infuses Itself into everything, micro to macro, with absolutely nothing left out. ‘It’ Is completely Us as ‘It’ Is completely Us. There Is no ‘other’.

There is ‘nothing’ about being ‘something’. ‘That’ is an ignoring of ‘What Is’ in ‘Seeing’, when we get stuck in some seemingly vogue status of being ‘someone’. Being someone is akin to getting lost in the character in a Netflix movie.

GP2C2313Looking for ‘Love’ while Being ‘Love’ is ignoring the most obvious. ‘This’ view is a view from conditioned love. Starting from what we aren’t and searching from this faux status can never result in actualization of Self. Self does not need to be actuated, as It Is causeless and endless Love and integration without a gap (to especially include Now).

The ‘You’ needs no definition as It Is all. Characteristics and definition, likes and dislikes, desires and needs, all are limitations of Self. Everything that defines us limits us as ‘Everything’ is then limited to some ‘things’. This separation is not Love. There is no ‘this’ or ‘that’ in Love. Love just Is.

“Thinking imagines that I, Awareness, share the limits and the destiny of the mind and body. With this belief a limited, temporary self comes into apparent existence on whose behalf most subsequent thoughts, feelings, activities and relationships are undertaken.” -Rupert Spira

IMG_0270Meet it all with Love. Stay effortlessly in the heart where the sublime unconditioned Self is always found. See from the everything first and then acknowledge, if needed, the character in this flic called life. Our feet are always imbedded in the deepest part of Ourselves eternally. Staying in this effortlessness is home sweet home. Welcome home Love. I Am completely Yours.

Loving The Loving, Daddy’O

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