There is nothing to get. There is nothing to do. And there is nothing to Be. Meaning there is no future in Being.  

Essential Being is as simple as simple could be without being simpler. There is no value added by adding anything to Being. Adding ‘things’ to Being is in effect, a transaction that pulls away from the effortless-ness of Being. All ‘things’ can have no effect on Being anyway. ’Things’ are clearly ephemeral and empty of anything lasting or permanent. Being is complete with an impossibility of improvement. Only ‘things’ can be improved.

Being-ness is a strive- less fulfillment of Self. When It Is ‘nothing’ It Is ‘everything’. That ‘everything’ is the effect of the cause called ‘nothing’. These characteristics are bound to each other in the duality of ‘things’. There is no point about hankering about ‘this’ phenomena as it ‘noun-ed’. 

When ‘things’ go to becoming creation, like all nouns, they also invariably fall to destruction and back to ‘nothingness’. It is their fate. This is their nature. 

Nouns or ‘things’ are products of the universe that have a finite shelf life. Tears are not needed for their apparent inevitable conclusion. That is, unless we invest in nouns. And that would be an unskillful investment given this flash in the pan of the universe.

The point being, is that all nouns, to certainly include the self-manufactured noun of identity made through the cooperation of linear time,  are vaporous and essentially without any aliveness that is true and enduring. Our false self is an illusion that is dead on arrival. All illusions of identity can never have any life despite a lifetime of support and belief in them.

What is not created, is whom we really Are. ’That’, being no birth or death in the perennial verb-ing called ‘I’. This ‘verb-ing’ never really stops streaming It’s life force as It Is not noun-based.  Nouns or ‘things’ have shelf life. The streaming of Being, Seeing, Noticing, Loving, Happening is just life never landing on a ‘noun’.

Nouns are present but cannot entangle a verb that Is ‘I-ing’ true identity. It is only by ’seemingly’ forgetting Itself, does Being appear to Be a noun. This appearance is as transitory as any other noun. This noun becomes ‘content’  while ‘context’ never gets touched or effected by any transitory appearance. Context remains context without interruption. Context holds everything together as it Is the groundless ground.

The subtler point here is, that when we see the ‘tornado of me’  creating  turbulence in our so-called life, we see ’nouns’ being created to represent whom we ‘think’ we are. We have this hardened opinion about ‘things’ being a certain way. We draw lines that are more like welded lines, that no-one should cross. We worship ideas like gods that must be given obeisance. There are lines drawn that should never be drawn .

It is not that we will vaporize if we stop worshipping concepts or stop creating staid viewpoints of how things ‘should’ be. There is no spaciousness in drawing hard and fast lines. ’These’ nouns can never have the freedom of verbs. Once a verb claims a noun, it is finished as verb. True Being (verb-ing) never stops Being. Being is as complete as complete can be. Nouns would do nothing/could do nothing, to the verb-ing of Being. Being needs no ground to land on. Being Is complete.IMG_0284.jpeg

Enjoy the fun of ‘nouns’ without the seriousness of attachment that often binds suffering upon their demise. ’Nouns’ are content that must be clearly seen as ‘content’ versus the ‘context’ that We really Are.  The context should always inform our true identity as perennial verbs, with no stops necessary.

“I am the Knowing with which all experience is known and I am the Being in all that exists.” -Rupert Spira

Be the ‘aliveness’ that cannot be mistaken for any ‘thing’ or noun. This ‘aliveness’ is our existence and Presence that gives contextual meaning to life itself.   

Loving Loves Loving, Daddy’O

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