Why would it be something? Making a thing out of it would be counter-productive, yes? Making an object out of something that is not conceptual, is making it conceptual. An idea cannot get You to where You Are Now.

An idea actually cannot get You out of the here and now that You are present in, either. Except seemingly so, which is then engaging in illusion. Can we differentiate illusion from unmitigated reality?

GP2C2908Illusion can repeat its influence on Us by employing the illusion to attempt escape from the illusion. The result is 100% illusion because the illusion is the basis for change. Staying in the illusion and expecting substantive change, is to clearly be deluded by the illusion (once again).

What would be the difference, the substantive difference, between illusion and Reality?

GP2C2913Reality Is existentially Present perennially with no change. It Is the metaphoric ‘space’ that cannot be used to divide Itself, as It Is Everything without being any ‘thing’. Phenomena happens in some thing, which in this case (all cases) is ‘nothingness’.

Illusion is some ‘thing’ that appears and disappears given the construct called time. Reality is the timelessness in which Nothingness Is Everything including the phenomenal everything.

GP2C2906.jpegThe phenomenal, the illusory, is not where to look or where to start to look from, to find non-illusion. In meditation, to start from illusion is to miss the point of not really Being illusion.

The prior-ness of Being just Is. There is nothing to add to nothing-ness. Meditation Is Being with nothingness. Nothing can be added to nothing-ness to make meditation better. Adding would in effect be subtraction from the effortlessness of Being.

GP2C2905In other words, adding stuff to the space-less space will not yield more space. Contrarily, a separate self would be produced when the ‘stuff’ of thoughts, feelings, and mental activity are given priority in this field-less field. Cluttering the field or space is not pure space.

Meditation is what we Are always with no activity necessary. ‘Be’ and meditation spontaneously arises. ‘Do’ meditation, and activity is birthed. Activity is based in the phenomenal. Activity is clearly not necessary for Being. Existence is primary and sufficient to Itself. Something coming later has no impact on pure existence. Meditation Is ‘that’.

“A separate self doesn’t have a point of view; it is a point of view.” -Rupert Spira

The ‘doer’, the ‘thinker’, the ‘meditator’ are hindrances to meditation as these liaisons are occlusions and unnecessary additions to Being.

Being is not being someone. Being Is Being everyone and everything without stopping for anything. Be ’That’ and meditation is constant.

Love Is Loving Love eternally, Daddy’OGP2C2911

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