Like we really left!? Everything Is Nothing. Nothing Is It. Is ‘It’ too much to handle? Would we really prefer the shallowness of some ‘thing’?

The realm of -can’t be seen, touched, smelled, heard, or tasted, appears vacant. This appearance of vacancy is only an appearance of vacancy. Vacancy is what the mind interprets, and not what Is. “What Is” Is fullness that houses and Is everything phenomenal/transcendental.

GP2C2917The Source cannot be found. Ergo the problem or view of using the overused tool of the mind. Everything is not a nail to be hammered by the mind.

The Source Is Us. Notice the noticing versus noticing the ’stuff’ that usually gets noticed. The ’stuff’ is pure distraction when given ridiculous attention. The ’stuff’ is very secondary. Primary Is ‘Is-ness’. Still, the distraction is part and parcel of Everything/Nothing.

There is nothing to resist or push against. When it all is ‘Allness’ what is there to push against?

The mere reallocation of resources from pushing, trying, doing to accepting, opening, Being; is a reframing of faulty vision and deep conditioning. This reframing changes nothing in particular except ‘everything’. Changing the mere appearance of appearance to the vastness of no location, no preference, no desire, and no effort, is addressing context over content.

Same universe different view of ‘no view’. No view is no location. No location is no noun-ing. No noun-ing Is Being without landing on any thing.

’Stuck-ness’ is being stuck on the compulsion to ‘noun’ the temporariness of things. It is asking for a time-based existence over the freedom of timelessness.

Timelessness has no edges, no limitations, no un-aliveness. Structuring in ‘time’ slows the ‘aliveness’ down due to a less viable conditioning of space (content). ‘No conditions’ yields the least resistance to the agenda of ‘no agenda’.

No agenda is ’Seeing’ that there is no doer, thinker, experiencer to accomplish anything. The letting go of the constriction of an imaginary self is the opening to Being nothing/everything. Can we be more free than to be free of the limitation of selfishness and tireless neediness?

Life is just Life living life.

Do we will our blood to flow? Do we breathe when we don’t overtly remember to breathe? Is it really our life or is Life living through the body/mind?

There is no argument in experiencing the existential. Our starting point of just existing is argument enough to overcome cerebral fealty to nonsense.

The return to Nothingness is never having left Nothingness, except seemingly so. The test is no test. “Isness” just Is. Nothing added or subtracted.

It Is all perfect right now despite our globbing on to pleas for ‘seeming perfection’. When we start with the perfection of ‘real perfection’ of “What Is” we don’t decry the seeming imperfection. The seeming imperfection is ’seeming’. The real perfection is everything as it is.

”To begin with I, Awareness, seem to be in the world, then the world seems to be in Me and finally the distinction between Myself and the world dissolves.” -Rupert Spira

All Is in the Is-ness. The Is-ness is Nothingness, our true nature.GP2C2925

Love Loves Love, Daddy’O

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