GP2C2938.jpegTo make a cognitive experience of existence is to miss the most salient part of existence. As much as it may be cognitive, the experience is much more a natural alignment with completeness. Completeness Is Everything, to include even the cognitive.

Relaxing into Self, is the being of existence. Self is the true heart in our individual heart. This heart of all hearts is at the center of all experience and experiencing.

GP2C2933.jpegExperience arrives and departs and arrives and departs, again and again, never ending. We Are the Experiencing of everything and the Knowing of everything. The Experiencing and the Knowing are essentially the same thing, at least in the world view. Each is the non-stop of Being. Being without any stops. Being with the Fullness of emptiness. Emptiness with the Fullness of Nothingness.

GP2C2943Whatever arises falls. Whatever arises, arises from Stillness/Silence. Whatever falls, falls into Stillness/Silence. This Reality is steadfastly held in the heart, living it and loving it. Loving the Existence Is loving Love. 

The connection to Existence is made with Loving Loving from the heart space. The connection is built to outlast any breech by fickle phenomena or any grasp by the play of the mind. 

Holding the Reality in our heart in ‘this’ moment (aka every moment) surrenders the separation of illusion and grants the wisdom of knowing the perennial existence, first/last. Expansion in the heart of Being everything, by ’Seeing’ everything as Being, is meeting Existence as Self, whole and un-separate. 

Living experientially is Knowing the Knowing. It Is Reality held by the heart.

How we hold moment-to-moment Reality is how we really live our lives. And we do not live our life. Life lives Us. We essentially are not defined by what happens. We ultimately create what happens when the limitations are seen and freedom is allowed to arise.

This Moment is clearly a reflection of Me. Reality is the only substance that can be Reality or reality imagined. Reality is necessary in both cases. We Are beyond reality while contemporaneously embracing it at the same time.

Freedom is realizing We Are not bound by impermanence. Impermanence is superficiality, a temporary expression of Oneness.

GP2C2932.jpegPresence is the constant abiding in the Formless-ness of Being Present in the heart of eternity. There is no binding the Causeless. 

A felt knowing of existence Itself in the openness of heart allows the expansion into everybody and everything as Our Oneness with no other. Out-growing the awkwardness of selfishness allows the automatic embrace of everyone and everything, naturally. Life lives as our natural state of Oneness already. Can we embrace that fully?

All that is known is experience, but there is no independent self that experiences and no independent object, other or world that is experienced. There is just the experiencing of experience.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2935.jpegThe silent mind is now understood. Seeking has found home -the heart.

Loving Loves Loving, Daddy’O 

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