GP2C2954It Is just ‘looking’.  Why do we ‘think’ we have to land? This thought then gives rise to a religiosity of thinking in order to manufacture a ‘landing place’. This ‘landing’ then becomes central to identity. What gets displaced by the sheer quantity of justification for the landing spot, is Being. 

The distinction between ‘looking’ and ‘looking for a place to land’ is monumental. 

The mind is constantly looking to fill the space, consequently displacing the Silence. Silence is looking for nothing but being Itself. Silence has no need to fill Itself, as It Is Fullness. To fill the ‘space’ with stuff is the signature of the mind. Hoarding is dysfunctional and hoarding is what the mind accomplishes, left to its own illusory devices.

There is a constant looking for placement in a category (typology). Is ‘it’, ’this’ kind of a thing or ‘that’ kind of a thing? When in reality ‘it’ is just the seeming reality of the temporariness of things. There is no real need to categorize and/or conceptualize, unless we ‘think’ there is a need. There is no historical data base in Being, despite the rise and fall of phenomena. ‘It’ just ‘Is’. Timelessness has no history.

GP2C2950There are no monuments to make as there is just the making. Monuments are for time-based reality. Reality has no time. Or more correctly the appearance of time is in Reality, the Reality of timelessness. Temporary structures have no permanent place in the streaming of Satchitananda (Being/Awareness/Bliss).

The steady question of “Where to put this?”, does not have a need to be completed in the Prior-ness. That question stops being answered. It is moot due to its obvious irrelevance. Sorting the ephemeral becomes pointless. Being the verb stream non-stop, all of a sudden makes total sense. The illusion is exposed.

‘Looking’ or ‘noticing the noticing’, has no deficits that need plugging. It is only an erroneous belief that ‘Looking’ has to have an ‘idea’ of completion. ‘It’ Is complete. To add a noun is to deface the completeness. The nouns that are present, are present as temporary expressions of Being-ness. These nouns are ultimately just like verbs as their temporariness, as forms, are limited. Just as verbs have no permanence, nouns too, have no permanence. Both ultimately have the permanence of nothing-ness. The appearance of movement is the permanence abiding.

Ergo, the need for sorting is superfluous. Sorting is superficial organization with a consequent superstructure, that does not overtly recognize it’s unimportance relative to holistic Being. The Prior-ness of Being is all the sorting that needs to be accomplished. Staying directly with the Divine intelligence of unacquired knowledge, is enough to ingratiate everything subsequent.

GP2C2949Formless-ness is going into Form going into Formless-ness ad infinitum. The inherent flexibility in this process is impermanence. Is there any ‘real’ thing Present?

 Practically speaking, discernment of what approach we are utilizing can be divined by the Present situation. In life there is only one event happening, i.e. ‘what’s happening’. The distortion that veils the ‘happening’ is the appearance of ‘what’s not happening’ vis a vis distorted thinking.

‘What’s not happening’ is an occlusion and distortion of ‘What’s happening’. The essential difference is there is no objective or object to secure in ‘What’s happening’. ‘What’s happening’ is not ‘looking’ past its immediate verb-ing. ‘It’ just verbs without landing any noun.

GP2C2952The habitual pattern and conditioned behavior of ‘looking for a landing’ on a noun, enslaves and limits us to superficiality. The ‘aliveness’ of the Moment is killed in order to seemingly create a bogus event. Proper alignment with the ‘Prior-ness’ is vacated for cheap thrills that have no substance.

‘What’s happening’ is aliveness that is not something that can be claimed by the mind. Making a ‘noun’ out of life is viable fodder for un-reality and dead-end outcomes.

‘What’s happening’ cannot truly be noun-ed without an immediate and apparent   discounting of its Truth. Freedom cannot be locked down. Freedom is falling without a net anywhere in sight. ‘What’s happening’ is truly never looking for any noun as ‘that’ would stop the verb-ing.

An on-site analysis of how we posit ‘What’s happening’ versus ‘what’s not happening’, is an immediate diagnostic on what we are culling. See the Truth with the freedom of ‘What’s happening’ without any stops for nouns waiting.

“I, Awareness, am aware of thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions but am not made out of any of these. All these come, go, move and change, whilst I remain as I am, without birth, death, movement or change – eternal and infinite.” -Rupert Spira

There is no place to land. Enjoy only the flight. It’s ‘What’s happening’. It Is ‘just looking’.image.png

Loving Loving, Daddy’O 


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