‘This’ obviously is the effect.  This ‘effect’ is not the Cause nor can ever Be the Cause. The Cause is clearly prior to the consequent ‘effect’. Thus the ‘effect’ is not ‘It’, that is, the Reality that contains every thing and every effect.

GP2C2956The ‘Cause’ is causeless. Effects can never affect the ‘Cause’.  The ‘Cause’ is the formless source engendering temporary phenomena (forms).

The human form is a form that is an ‘effect’. There is no ‘Cause’ in this form when speaking of body/mind. The Causeless Cause, however, is ever-present in every thing and every body/mind structure. In other words, the Formless is present in the human form as it is present in all forms.

GP2C2958.jpegThe issue that plagues us is the identification with thinking/believing we are the effect. Consequently, the resources of Being the Formless are misrepresented as form/effect. Although this ‘effect’ is seemingly a ‘noun’, we are enticed into investing into nothing but an illusion. The illusion is so complete that ’Seeing’ the illusion is being ’Seen’ from the seeming noun (false self).

GP2C2965.jpegTo escape from the illusion, from the seeming noun, from the effect; our perspective of where we See ‘from’, must be acknowledged as flawed.

To not change our ‘view’ is to continue to See from the same old view and expect substantive change in our life. The view is key to proper alignment with “What Is”. Viewing from the ‘effect’ is a fatal error that compounds mis-identification and the mis-appropriation of valuable resources.  A virtual cyber prison is created that we thereby abide in 24/7. We lock ourselves up in it securely with no chance of escape until we See this egregious view.

GP2C2959.jpegIn ‘this’ view, the effect is being seen as the cause. And gosh darn it, it’s a birth to death belief. Everything we ‘think’ we know, cannot remedy this situation. Thinking and the thinker are just more thoughts. There is nothing there except illusion and the false perspective of effect.

Belief in the thinker, the doer, the feeler, the noun, cannot ever find the real Cause. Illusion can never find its way out of illusion. Belief is a lost cause. Belief in believing is Santa Claus stuff. No belief, is much healthier on Seeing.

GP2C2963.jpegWhen we create an idea and a belief that it is ‘this’ character running the movie we are seemingly in, we underscore absurdity. The character was made up for the movie and is now directing the movie?! The character is illusory and an effect created by the Ineffable director/writer.

Move the Seeing from the temporary character to the spaciousness of Causeless Cause that authors the entire universe of ideas like this or that character.

Getting stuck in turning over one phenomena over another phenomena is not the view that can See everything. Over-playing the character is a bad performance. Being free of the burden of being the character, is the ticket. 

The character is certainly in the performance but is being played by the Ineffable, not the circumstances of the character. The best performance is allowed when the character has ‘nothing’ blocking Everything. The ‘effects’ are then perfection in alignment with Causeless Cause.

A ‘flow’ of yes, yes, and yes is then effortlessly created because there are no artificial blockages to impair “What Is”. Likes/dislikes, comments, value judgments, and other ’stops’ are found to be unnecessary where once they were imperatives. The needs of the character are pure fiction. The Cause Is Our true identity and has no needs and is un-effected.

“The entire adventure of the separate self takes place in a little bubble of thought and feeling within Awareness, but Awareness itself never takes the adventure.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2966.jpegSee from the Cause that is all perspectives and no perspective. That view is prior to a view. It just Is.

Loving the Loving, Daddy’O


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