GP2C2975Trying to understand, the impossible to understand, is inherently flawed. Flawed by design. There is no path to the ‘Knowing’ via ‘understanding’.

Spiritual paths attempt to illuminate the “What Is” with teachings that promote understandings, which are relatively true. The final understanding that arrives, is one that is clearly preceded by giving up on trying to understand. To understand before the ‘understanding’ comes, is a compulsion to mix up the sequence of when ‘understanding’ truly arrives. That is, ‘understanding’ comes after ‘Knowing’ that ‘It’ cannot be understood.

The ‘Knowing’ or “Seeing’, is often blocked by a premature understanding of self that ‘thinks’ it knows. This manufactured self is forever looking for what is inherently false, limited and illusory, through the perspective (view) of it-self, which is false, limited, and illusory. As more information is culled, more conclusive understandings are prematurely secured but by this wrong view (vis-a-vis false self). The accumulated understandings themselves, become an impediment to true understanding, that has ’no view’.

There is no-one ‘Here’ to understand or misunderstand any thing or concept. No-one Present means the business and busy-ness of being an illusory self, is clearly seen as an artificial mis-identification with the incessant activity of creating/maintaining a very narrow view. This pejorative view is significantly substandard to the ‘everything’ and ‘wholeness’ of whom we really are.

The low ceiling of the mind cannot establish a pay grade high enough to process inherent systemic ambiguity and paradoxical views of ‘no view’.

GP2C2973To establish understandings in the illusory venue of self, is to ignore the Nothingness of Everything. Once the ‘no view’ is Seen, it is Seen as never being otherwise. This is the timelessness of no yesterday and no tomorrow. Time has a distorting effect on view.

‘Now’ there is no view because all views are only the ‘One’ wholeness. There is nothing else to recognize the ‘Wholeness’ except the ‘Wholeness’.

GP2C2970The finite cannot hold the in-finite. It is a recognition of ‘Wholeness’ by ‘Wholeness’.

“. . . all that is ever known is Knowing, and it is Knowing that knows Knowing.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2969There is no-one there to not understand. Knowing the ‘Knowing’ is Knowing. Anything else is too much. Know ‘That’.

Knowing the Knowing Is Love- Daddy’O

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