GP2C2979Only ‘paradise’ as a concept can be looked for and found or not found. Concepts look for concepts or other objects. Concepts are clearly analogues and not reality/existence.

Objects, like thoughts, compose the idea of the mind. These are endpoints that can direct us in a certain direction. Alone, they are insufficient to give us the pointing we seemingly need. Alone with only thoughts, without a proper reference, we would be misguided in following their direction/directive. And additionally, not all thoughts are created equal as far as utility is concerned.

The utility of thoughts is useful when we see thoughts as being an endpoint. The question is, the endpoint of what? The Prior-ness of Us is prior to all things to include the objects called thoughts. Without a reference to the ‘Cause’, we are just dealing with effects. Dealing with effects (thoughts) alone engenders cluelessness.

GP2C2980.jpegThe eternal Prior-ness Is the steadfastness , the silent backdrop, the still unwavering Knowing, that informs everything forward. Without abiding in this formless venue, we are doomed to die trying to find this proverbial paradise we long for in every Moment.

GP2C2983.jpegThe point is that the Prior-ness is the paradise we really Are and too often, the paradise we continue to search for. The ‘aliveness’ is not found in thoughts (ideas) or objects. The ‘aliveness’ Is Us and independent of all thoughts.

GP2C2976.jpegThoughts are used properly in the service of Our Prior-ness and improperly used in the regeneration and perseveration of abidance in more thoughts/thinking.
Following this line of ‘thinking only’ is indulging in ‘un-aliveness’.

There is no point in living in an artificial dead zone. Abidance in the ‘Alive-ness’ Is Life Itself. Abidance in thoughts (objects) is missing the implicit structure of whom We Are.

The ‘longing’ for Paradise is the ‘effect’. Paradise Is the ‘Cause’. Using the effect (longing) to trace back to the Prior-ness, is making the ‘effect’ a useful tool for connecting to the Paradise that Is always Present . The ‘longing’ alone, without the clear reference to Prior-ness, is just an eviscerated ‘effect’ with no standing.

Understanding the necessity of always acknowledging ‘Prior-ness’ in every Moment, is understanding the futility of not acknowledging “What Is”. The importance of the mechanics of this relationship to thoughts cannot be exaggerated.

GP2C2982.jpegParadise Is Now and forever the formless-ness and Cause we truly Are. Thoughts about ‘Paradise’ are a step away from Being Paradise. Paradise Is, with or without thoughts. Paradise Is Prior-ness Is Cause Is Formless-ness, Is IS

“The Knowing with which the mind seems to know objects, others and the world, belongs to our Self, ever-present, unlimited Awareness, just as the light with which the moon illuminates the earth belongs to the sun.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C2981Effortlessly Being ’That’ Is. Love the Loving, Daddy’O

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