GP2C3016I am the dreaming of the dream. The dream is seen through as a dream. All ‘this’ Is a dream. Everything in ‘It’ Is ‘Me’. Everyone in ‘It’ Is ‘Me’. All ‘I’ See is within ‘Me’. And there is only ‘Me’. 

To say ‘no’ to any part of the dream is to not accept ‘Me’ as ‘Me’.

The ‘Openness’ that embodies the dream has no limits or censorship. Pure Openness has full reign to Be.

The ‘Fullness’ of everything and everyone as it is, reflects this ‘Openness’.

GP2C3003The dream is always about Love. Love for Loving/Being ’this’ form in situ. What is dreamt is not so essential as it is temporary content. Temporary content cannot upend the timelessness of ’Dreaming’. The ’Dreaming’ can stop, change, and/or deliver any message that ‘It’ deems. Love is the ultimate message. This Formlessness of Love gives meaning and structure to the life dreamed. Love Is Being ‘the Dreaming’ loving Itself without stopping to be any ‘appearance’ or ‘thing’ (content).

The ‘Dreaming’ in sleep or waking states is the same ‘Dreaming’ as there can be no other. The content in waking or sleeping is always after the ‘Priorness’ of existential Being.

GP2C3012What is important is to not get lost in any dream. The dreams instruct us how not to be manipulated by the content, as the content is not primary but rather constantly informed by what is primary.  Dreaming informs content. Content does not inform Dreaming.

Not getting lost, is actualized by ‘Seeing’ we are the ‘Dreaming’.

GP2C3010The eternal footing of the ’Dreaming’ never changes while the dream is inherently unstable and often fickle.  The ‘changing of the dream’ has an inherent instability. Ergo, it reveals the obviousness of ‘changelessness’ or “ What Is”,  by change’s  instability.

There is only one ‘Dreaming’ of all dreams. All dreams are in one ‘Dreaming’.  Being one ‘Wholeness’ clearly disregards any seeming imposters posing as the doer, thinker, feeler, haver, experiencer or any such noun-ing. Accepting the core Reality of Being the ‘Dreaming’ first, does not allow any second to have validity.  The ‘pretenders’ are revealed in a glaring light that undermines any thought to suggest otherwise.

GP2C3009Knowing the ‘Knowing’ that is the Priorness to all creation, Is Knowing the temporary to be unambiguously temporary.

The Dreaming is the Leela (Divine play of content). Loving the Dreaming is Loving the Leela. Be the eternal Dreaming.

Stepping out of ‘change’ and dropping back to ‘changelessness’ is the movement to Pure Being. Seeing the difference can ferry us to Us.

Loving Loving, Daddy’Oimage

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