The idea of searching for something that is already Present is difficult to grasp. What Is Present is so Present as not to be noticed. It Is the noticing of the Noticing that finds the ineffable Presence.The knee-jerk response to allowing this energy of Presence to be found, is that doing nothing does nothing to find It. Therein lies the problem -doing. There is no ‘doing’ in finding what is perennially here. 

When we are ‘doing’  identity,  we start by defining ourselves as ‘not this’ but something else that is better.  But what? Implicit is the ‘idea’ that our current status is clearly insufficient and severely limited. But this interpretation is coming from the false premise, which is based on ‘doing’. The false premise is the illusory idea of self (limited self).

GP2C3034.jpegThe god of ‘doing’ is worshipped relentlessly. To not be a supplicant of ‘doing’ is heretical. The false mandate is that ‘doing’, struggling, ‘pushing’, and all the other variants, are a priori. This then becomes  a theoretical versus an experiential basis for conclusion.

To not test reality with anything but theoretical suppositions is to ignore the clarity of “What Is”.

GP2C3025.jpeg‘Experientially’ is what we know from existing as ‘the existing’ we always Are. This ‘existing’ never changes or reacts to changes, which makes it invisible and the perfect witness to even the crime of mis-identity. ‘Existing’ has no dog in the fight. And at the same time, all dogs and all fights, are in ‘Existing’.

GP2C3027.jpegDespite the elemental a priori standing of ‘Existing’, ‘Existing’ is clearly ignored when seeking from a false premise i.e. the doer (doing). The ‘doing’ does occur but not as another identity that would summarily displace the no-thingness of ‘Existing’ . ‘Existing’ never lands on a ‘noun’ to Be. When we identify as a noun we create the false premise of a false self. 

To begin with the false premise of false self is the elemental mistake billions of us make every moment. Seeking from this error of mis-understanding will never result in finding  what is sought.

GP2C3021.jpegWhat is sought can never be found because it was never lost. Believing it was lost complicates the ‘finding’ because there is no ‘finding’. Losing the false premise by seeing it is a false premise reveals the futility of seeking. Presence never left nor ever leaves, period. There is no theoretical in Presence. It just Is. Feel It. Experiential Knowing before narratives and ideas, memories and aspirations, clearly is experienced as experiencing without a stop, ever.

Seeking,when getting the idea that we must seek, is essentially just a thought that we perseverate on. ‘Seeking’ is a thought that is still inherently located in the ‘Everythingness’ of this dream We Are Dreaming. The substance is in Being. Seeking is a doing. Having identity in an activity produces a noun that doesn’t exist, except we think and believe it does exist.

Being needs no nouns to be full and exist as Fullness. All nouns are temporary creations. Seeking also is looking for what can be perceived. What can be perceived can not Be Perceiving.

GP2C3031.jpeg“Just Be” means not adding any ‘thing’ to It. There are no stops in the streaming of Being. Being Is the aliveness that Is as fresh as fresh can be. To stop for the vagaries of the mind is to obfuscate the streaming that Is Us.

GP2C3039.jpegThoughts are seen but seen from the ‘Seeing’ and not given override capabilities over Beingness. Seeing the Seeing Is Being in every Moment. Being Here clearly reveals that there is nothing to seek.

Love Loves Loving, Daddy’O 


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