GP2C3051Nothing needs to change . Everything is at it Is. Seeing “What Is” is Seeing without discrimination. That is, nothing is outside of the Wholeness. It Is all Wholeness.

 What you are and what you are not, is Seeing from perspective in order to See more clearly, the Wholeness. The Wholeness is never two.

The evolution of clarity from dysfunctional separateness, is underscored by the Seeing of what we are not. What we are not is what is always being ‘seen’, i.e. the phenomenal, the transitory. What is being ‘seen’ are essentially ‘things’ -finite creations engendering a start and a finish. These ‘things’ unlike ‘Us’ have a birth and a death. Our bodies are an example this transitoriness. Attachment to any of these ‘things’ is a clear misunderstanding of Our true nature.

GP2C3045.jpegThere is no complexity in this discrimination. The complexity is in the identity with things and the stoic conditioning that supports it. ‘Believing’ is part of the conditioning that must be seen through as having no basis for this type of conclusion called ‘me’. The activity of ‘mind’ to create this noun, is essentially using activity to create pure illusion, a temporary condition in time.

Whom We Are is timeless and always Present. ‘Feeling’ Self is an unbounded and un-locatable experience. ‘It’ Is beyond the pay grade of the bundle of thoughts called the mind. To See this mind is to See the ‘perception’ or ‘content’ as what it is -fleeting. 

GP2C3044.jpegWhat is left, that is not fleeting, Is the Ineffable ‘Us’ (not a thing). The old adage of what is perceiving cannot be perceived, underscores directly, what is left. What is left, will never leave as it is not time-based nor is it a thing. It Is so Present it can never be absent. It Is timelessness Itself.

GP2C3055.jpegSaid another way, the experiencing in experience is the Ineffable in the effable. You can quantify the experience but you can never quantify what is experiencing the experiencing. This is contrary to saying we had an experience, which then means that some ‘thing’ (character) had an experience, which is NOT experiencing.

GP2C3041.jpegExperiencing does not have a ‘stop’ to give ‘experience’, unless an illusion is to be created. Experiencing is a constancy that never stops. Experiencing is endless uninterrupted Seeing. There is no hard interest in the ‘seen’. ‘Seen’ is done, while ‘Seeing’ is constant effortless refreshment. To seemingly stop ‘Seeing’ is to lose oneself in phenomena.

Seeing is the ‘opening’ of spaceless space to everything while never closing to any thing. It Is the infinite being infinite while never being finite despite appearances.

“When doing slows down, the thinking that is at its origin is exposed; when thinking dissolves, the feeling that is behind it is uncovered; when feeling subsides, the Being that is at its heart is revealed.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C3048.jpegLosing the ‘my’ in awakening is awakening to the pure awakening. Seeing the ‘Seeing’ Is ‘awakening’ to the ‘Awakening’.

Loving Love Effortlessly, Daddy’O 

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