GP2C3063.jpegThe deliciousness of ‘having’ something is often the direct experience of thoroughly over-interacting with an object of taste, touch, smell, sound, sight, and even thought. Getting ‘lost in the sauce’ is essentially ’having’ too much. And any ‘having’ is really too much.

When we fall into a delightful experience, we often over-indulge ourselves by sacrificing the ‘experiencing’ for the ‘experience’. The ‘experience’ is over and done. The ‘experiencing’ is never completed. Yet, we herald the ‘experience’.

GP2C3068.jpegWe Are the ‘experiencing’ except when we ’think’ we are not. Having an ‘experience’ is ‘not’ ‘experiencing’. Getting lost in the ‘experience’ potentially corrupts the ‘experiencing’. Leaving ‘experiencing’ is seemingly leaving Self.

GP2C3069.jpegIf on the other hand, we refuse the ‘experiencing’ and the ‘experience’, because of our seeming volition, we seemingly corrupt ‘experiencing’. However, ’experiencing’ cannot be corrupted, stopped, refused, or touched. We actually have no volition in ‘Seeing’ or ‘Being’. Secondly, the residue of ‘experience’ essentially remains irrelevant residue to ‘Being’, regardless of our wants or non-wants.

GP2C3077.jpeg we say ‘no’, we resist life itself. Yet, we have no seeming volition but to accept the ‘experiencing’, no matter how unpleasant. The ‘experience’ however, is ‘not happening and therefore not relevant to ‘What Is’. ‘What Is’ has moved along to more life/aliveness. Essentially, ‘experience’ has died.

GP2C3076.jpegThe ’seen’ is always ephemeral. The ’Seeing’ is always Present. The ’seen’ (experience) is not compelling as it is over and done. The ’Seeing’ (experiencing) is always compelling as ‘It’ is the Now that is hot and alive.

GP2C3067.jpegThe ‘yes’ and the ‘no’ are twins in polarizing experience. Seeking or not seeking ‘experience’ is polarizing in that ‘Being’ is being overlooked for some ‘dead’ experience. There is no seeking or not seeking in ‘Being’. It Is just Being. ‘Experiencing’ is complete as just ‘experiencing’. There is nothing to seek or not seek, except perhaps ‘experience’, which is a dead end.

GP2C3075.jpegThe ground of no ground is precisely ‘that’. There is no object that can be the groundless ground. The freedom in groundlessness is pure ‘openness’. Looking for ‘ground’ is missing the point of freedom. There Are no lines drawn here. The ‘me’ does not abide here as it has way too many lines to Be the Undefinable Formlessness.

This ‘Groundlessness’ is the felt sense of indisputable aliveness and existence that is before all objects, things, thoughts, and ideas. This ‘Isness’ Is Us. Feel It.

GP2C3065.jpegBeing Loving, Daddy’O

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