There is no ‘waiting’ in the Moment. Adding ‘waiting’ to the Moment changes the inherent structure of the Moment which is ‘Nothingness’. The Moment is in timelessness . Waiting is in linear time. Timelessness Is. Time is a movement away from eternity i.e. a finite and temporary creation.

IMG_0323.jpegTo ‘wait’ in the idea of what the Moment is, is to misunderstand the freedom and completeness of the Moment. The Moment is not an idea. One cannot add anything to the Moment without inherently changing the Moment to a lesser vehicle. Moving to a lesser vehicle is going into inherent instability, e.g. waiting.

IMG_0318.jpegIf we catch ourselves in the state of waiting, we capture ourselves pushing out of a completely good Moment. Ultimately, we never really leave the Moment but seemingly so. This ’seemingly so’ is another aspect of the instability outside the natural comfort zone of the effortlessness of the perennial Moment.

IMG_0325.jpegSo, waiting in the Moment, is trying to have it both ways -awkward. ‘Waiting’ is clearly not accepting “What Is”. “What Is” Is the Moment. “Waiting’ is unambiguously going into the falseness of future which never arrives. We can be perennially waiting for the future, with it never arriving, given a millennia of time.

IMG_0289.jpeg‘Waiting’ therefore is useful in identifying the falseness of activity, especially when trying to achieve the unachievable. Catching ‘self’ waiting, is seeing the identification with ‘self’. The ’Higher Self’ does not use time, in that time is finite and Self is perennial timelessness. The activity of ‘self’ waiting is a practical alarm to let Us know where our energy is resting. And, there is no resting in the incessant activity of maintaining ‘self’.

IMG_0296.jpegAchieving the unachievable means ‘trying’ to Be what Is always Present but waiting for the proverbial ‘right’ time. This ’trying’ is a subtraction due to this activity being the clear opposite of effortlessness. ’Trying’ implies a ‘waiting’ in that there is belief in the insufficiency of ‘this’ (or any) Moment. So we wait for the ‘right’ moment which can never arrive because we then immediately push past the “What Is”, which Is always Present.

IMG_0314.jpegAchieving the unachievable cannot be achieved. There is no achieving in the ‘unachievable’. There is nothing to achieve in Nothingness. There is nothing to wait for, as the purity of Nothingness never leaves Us. Achieving higher spirituality is something that arises in ‘self’ not Self. Higher Self Is complete without any help from a false self.

Don’t wait for it. Be ‘It’ Now. It Is as It Is with no addition of time necessary.

IMG_0316.jpegLove Loves Love always, Daddy’O

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