IMG_0345In order to have the proper view to ’See’ clearly, we must have the correct view. Essentially, that is no particular view. Having a particular view, as much as we do, binds us into a narrowness that does not have the breadth of unimpeded openness.

Hence, the problem of drawing a line and calling it ‘ours’ comes at a severe cost. That cost is the automatic elimination of all other ‘views’. All other ‘views’ are part of the ‘All-ness’ of everything. 

IMG_0352For example, if the world only had one view, let’s say our view, what would that look like? Choice, diversity, multiplicity,  would be robotized into monolithic slates of essentially dead marble. Movement would be almost unnecessary and inconsequential. 

Conversely, going from the limited to the unlimited would be an immeasurable and profound awakening to the vastness of life.

The problem is giving up the binding limitation of ‘me’. The question then arises, is this ‘me’ really necessary? Moreover, is this ‘me’ real? 

Time-based illusion takes what comes after, and places it before. Time places the noun called ‘me’, puts it before ‘Being’ (which is not a noun), despite ‘Being’, being existence before any thing or noun. In the aliveness of the Now (which is not a noun and not in time) the felt sense of existence is more accessible due to the reduction of illusions to include the tornado of ‘me’.

IMG_0374Here’ and ’Now’ is reality amplified by ‘not’ referencing the subtractions of the narratives of the past and the ‘me’ dialogues of the future.

It is not enough to just say ‘no’. The ‘me’ is the one that will say ‘no’ first.  Seeing the narrow view is more effective than making a pledge by an imposter that will say and do anything to survive.

The narrowness of the view is one ‘tell’ that reveals at whose behest the urgency is made. ’Not’ having a view is having unlimited ‘openness’ with no illusory nouns pretending to not have a view.

IMG_0365The groundless ground is the view-less view. It is the panorama to the snapshot. To have a view is to have grounding as a ‘thing’ versus infinite space. As much comfort as this false ground gives us, ‘it’ is as unsteady ground that never settles and always changes. 

IMG_0346Conversely, the groundless ground never changes and is immutably reliable and untouchable by any event or circumstance. This ground is no ground in the sense that it is not a thing. Being a ‘thing’ is all too often claimed as what we are looking for. ‘What Is looking’ is not concerned about view or the seen or the scene. We Are ‘what’ is looking without any noun needed.

Seeing the Seeing Is Seeing the existence of whom we Are. This then is an acknowledgement of Being the Being. Furthermore Being the Being incorporates every ‘thing’ in that ‘Everything’ Is every thing -not two.

IMG_0362Ground is the illusion. Ground-less-ness is the Reality. There is only one view -no view. Lose the limitation of the ‘me’ by sitting on the groundless ground of Existence knowing Itself Here and Now. 

Be ’That’ Now. Love Is Everything Loving Everything. There is nothing outside this Love.  Daddy’O

When you know that everything that is happening is only appearing on the screen of consciousness, and that you yourself are the screen on which it all appears, nothing can touch you, harm you or make you afraid.

— Annamalai Swami

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