IMG_0413There is no-one ‘looking’ in the ‘Seeing’. The foreground of ‘us’, certainly tries to ‘look’ for the ‘Seeing’, but fails. The backdrop, or ‘Everything’, Is the ‘Seeing’. There is no ‘looking’ for what is pure ‘Seeing’.

To insert a ‘looker’ in the ‘Seeing’ is to add a ’thing’ to the Fullness. And nothing can be added to the Fullness, otherwise the Fullness would not be the Fullness. Finite ‘stuff’ would unmake the infinite into finite.

IMG_0406‘Seeing’ just Is. ‘Seeing’ Is Us. ‘Seeing’ the ’Seeing’ can only be accomplished by the ‘Seeing’ alone. ’Seeing’ Is the witness to everything to include the ‘Seeing’. But there is not subject/object in the ’Seeing’ of the ’Seeing’.

The ’Seeing’ never becomes the ’seen’ despite witnessing Itself. To become ’seen’ is to become an object. ‘Seeing’ has no object-ness to be seen. In other words, Awareness is aware of Awareness and that is not ‘dreamt’. Awareness remains untouched by the ‘dreamt’. Awareness Is the dreaming, the Seeing, the Being, with no landings in dreams, stuff, things, objects, or concepts.

IMG_0426The foreground of ‘us’ has landed in the ephemeral dream. This dream cannot capture the capture-less. The capture-less has ‘us’ and Is ‘Us’. The dreaming Is ‘Us’, right Now. The ‘Seeing’ Is ‘Us’ with no need for a ‘looker’ looking for the ‘Seeing’. The backdrop has the qualities of nothingness allowing everything to appear and disappear. The backdrop cannot be found as it is nowhere and everywhere at the same time but in no time.

IMG_0415It Is just the ‘Seeing’. There is no-one there or here to gather information or receive anything. The ‘Here-ness’ cannot be found conventionally. Looking for it immediately loses it. The ‘Here-ness is Present and goes to no place but is found every place. To look for it is a pretense, a pretending to not acknowledge It’s Presence Now. ‘Seeing’ Is the Presence which is everything that has never left because It Is Everything Here.

IMG_0392Any ideas, to especially include the ‘me’, are mere afterthoughts that try to create ‘ground’ where there never was or will be ground. The groundlessness of ’Seeing’ Is pure ’Seeing’. When the ‘Seeing’ Sees the ‘Seeing’, that is enough. Less is so much more Here Now. And of course this ultimate Less-ness Is Everything always.

IMG_0410Loving Everything As Everything, Daddy’O


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