IMG_0486The Ineffable needs to go nowhere. The ‘we’ and the ‘me’ appear to go or try to go, somewhere. These are mere appearances. The bigger picture tells us that all appearances appear to come and go. As phenomena, they have a short and temporary appearance, no matter what so-called imperative they may seem to have.

Ultimately, these things, all things, can only go one way. Since there is never ‘two’, the ‘One’ can only go one way. Everything is resting on this unity in diversity. To suggest otherwise is to not ‘Know’.

IMG_0449We Are always ‘Here’ as there is no place or time where the Ineffable isn’t. The appearances of other ‘heres’ or ‘theres’ is only in the dreamt. The ‘dreaming’ of the dreamt is the dreaming of unreality which is often presumed to be real. The ‘dreaming’ is our true home not the dreamt.

IMG_0447The ‘Here’ of dreaming is not a place. The dreamt is the place (noun). The Reality of ‘Here’ dreaming Is the ‘Isness’. The ‘Isness’ never becomes anything or goes anywhere. When ‘It’ Is Everything, then where can it Be but ‘Here’? And where is ‘Here’?
‘Here’ Is everything and every place. ‘Here’ Is nothing and no place.

IMG_0479If there is no ‘Here’, then there is no-one to gather information or get anything or need to ‘do’ anything. However, the game must be played. The resulting question is from ‘where’ do we play the game? If played from some illusory ‘here’ then we have chosen fickle phenomena to be the arbiter. If played from the Vastness of Everything, then there is no arbiter but just the ‘Isness’.

The choice is between effortlessness and harmony versus effort and separation, as far as the acknowledgement of “What Is”. The choice is from the un-locatable ‘Here’ versus a very limited and temporary ‘here’.

IMG_0462.jpegActing from the backdrop of Source versus the foreground of fickle phenomena, determines our harmoniousness to Everything. When we act from the ‘Vastness’ we act from unrestricted space and freedom. Choosing the limited ‘here’ is completely missing Everything.

Everything is always first and always ‘Here’. It Is the unchanging backdrop that is not time-based, ergo permanent.

Every Moment Is Now. Every Moment Is the ‘Isness’. The choice is “What Is”, as there Is no other choice available except the ‘seemingly so’ of illusion.

IMG_0472.jpegBeing Here and Now Is just Being without the adding in of any ‘thing’. The elegance and simplicity of ‘Here’ and ‘Now’ undermine the false expectation we invariably have of the ‘path’ being only for the best and the brightest. To suggest, effort be made, knowledge be gained, or time being devoted to achievement, is to totally misunderstand one’s True Nature.

Our seminal existence is enough because We Are just ‘Here’ Now.

Love Is Everything Always Now Always Here, Daddy’OIMG_0475

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