Reactivity to the above statement, if we can ‘see’ it, is almost automatic. Can we, for a moment, just step back without our sharpened tongues and swords, and ‘see’ the knee jerk smacking we want to give as a response?

IMG_0558.jpegSeeing our response with clarity is seeing our programming. Just reacting, of course, is our programming having us, hook, line, and sinker. The latter hardened reaction is armoring against even the thought of questioning this bedrock of conditioning. Resigned to react is resigning ourselves to ‘not’ even think of why anyone would make such a statement.

IMG_0569.jpegIt’s amazing that mere words can be a trip wire to hate and egregious separation with heavy discounting of understanding. These words are words, not reality. When we manufacture reality based on words rather than experiential knowing, we miss the pith of substance, lumping things together to fit ‘ideas’ rather than Being the Reality We Are. There are no words for ‘that’.

The Consciousness of Being ’Self’ versus identification with an illusory ‘me’ is comparable with being the ‘Dream-ing’ versus the ‘dreamt’. The changing content is the ‘dreamt’ in both sleeping and waking states. The ‘content’ in both states is always an appearance of a staid noun.

IMG_0546.jpegConversely, the unchanging backdrop (for the ‘content’) is perennially the verb-ing of Being, that never changes but allows all seeming change to take place, in both sleeping and waking states. ’This’ Is the container of everything with the ‘container’ being ’Nothing’.

IMG_0575.jpegThe point being made here is that we cannot ‘believe’ in Self because ‘Self’ is not a thing. Self Is. Self Is pure existence. Pure existence is before any thing to include the idea (thing) of belief

In clocking our own sense of existence, we ‘know’ that we are existing without any thought or need to believe. That existing is first before any infatuation with a particular idea or thought. This is an experiential experiencing that does not require Monday morning quarterbacking. Further processing of our felt sense of ‘existing’ is unnecessary as unnecessary can be. ’This’ fullness is enough.

There are no steps to take to quantify ‘Us’. We just ‘Are’. The ‘Are-ness’ is the limitless space where all the happening is happening.

IMG_0572.jpegThere is no effort in the effortless-ness of ‘Are-ing’. To ‘believe’ is to make unnecessary effort. To ‘believe’ is to clearly move away from the natural-ness of Being to some lesser vehicular ‘thing’. We can only ‘Be’.

IMG_0571.jpegWords, ideas, thoughts, beliefs and other phenomena are the ‘dreamt’, the content, the finality of nouns. These ‘things’ are ’stops’ or arrivals that cannot quantify the eternal length of the trip We Are on. There is no ‘time’ to stop. We are the timeless Oneness of perennial Being.  The ‘dreaming’ Is the backdrop for the ‘dreamt’ to appear and disappear. See from the ‘dreaming’ as ‘that’ backdrop can ’See’ everything from the timeless Now.

IMG_0549.jpegSelf can only ‘Be’. ‘Belief’ has no standing in ‘Being’.

Love Loves Being Love, Daddy’O



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