Where are we going? Do we need to go anywhere? Is there some place that we should be at? Is our current set of conditions and circumstances need to be upended? Where is it that we can go to?

The assumption implicit in going somewhere, is that we are not there. ‘Who’ says that we are not there? Is the ‘one’ that says that we are not there, there?

 Where is this ‘one’ that says we are not there? Can we find anything but an illusion of this alleged ‘one’?  This alleged ‘one’ is the one that comes and goes and needs constant attention.  

An illusion as the above, needs sustenance lest the illusion is found to be nonsense. Seeing the lack of sustainability of an illusory one is enough to vacate subsequent reactivity and serious concern. An immediate divestment occurs with resources being re-routed to sustainable enterprises.

IMG_0582.jpegLeaving an illusion is letting go of false belief. Leaving a belief system results in allowing more reality to come on board relative to the amount of belief displaced. In terms of identity belief systems, the quantity of change is often profound. The displaced resources are liberated from imprisonment in an illusory incarceration. The limitation that is lifted unveils a clarity in perception that was not seemingly previously available due to years of conditioned thinking.

IMG_0615.jpegThe illusion of needing to go anywhere to find that missing something is upended immediately by the arrival of “What Is”. “What Is” is available now that the need for future has been disabled. The Now is found to be as complete as complete can Be, with no time necessary.

IMG_0624.jpegThere is nowhere to go as now nowhere is everywhere and everywhere is nowhere. The idea of ‘me’ is seen as merely a concept with no sustenance. The Being of Self is seen as having never left with no place to go, ever.

IMG_0586.jpegFree from being an illusion of a person is freedom from being in only one place in time.  We Are Here before any and all effort to be anywhere else. ‘Anywhere else’  implies we cannot be everywhere. The ‘me’ cannot be everywhere as there is no real place for an illusion. Effort implies a ‘me’.

IMG_0622.jpegEffortlessness implies no ‘me’. Everything cannot be taking place in an illusory ‘me’, despite effort. Here and Now is everywhere with no time at any time and no effort to Be. Everything is taking place in Self, as it is only Self. There is never anyone to have or not have anything. Self abides only as Self -no ‘other’.

IMG_0609.jpeg“What Is” reveals a timelessness and full comfort zone of acceptance of Now and Here. There is no pushing as there is no ‘time’ (or future) to push to. There is no pushing as there is no place to push for, as all places are in Self. “What Is” Is the prior-ness to all seeming phenomena. ’This’ Is nowhere and everywhere at the same moment.

IMG_0607.jpegSitting with Now and Here is analogous to taking a vacation from the not so quiet desperation of life typified by a constant effort to become when we already Are. ‘Here’ is the starting point and the endpoint meaning ‘It’ Is already Here Now.

This is the letting go of  ‘someplace’ at ‘some other time’. The richness of the Moment can only be found in ‘this’ moment Now. Everything else is desperation. We have already arrived.

 “If you can resist the impulse to claim each and every thought as your own, you will come to a startling conclusion: you will discover that you are the consciousness in which the thoughts appear and disappear.” -Annamalai Swami

Everything everywhere Is Love, Daddy’OIMG_0592


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