IMG_0653When the ‘me’ collapses, it most often, easily reassembles itself, given our tenaciousness of  identification and comfort with the false self.  The response is robotic  but not necessarily necessary. Essentially the familiarity of going back, is like home, despite the obvious discomforts and suffering.  

IMG_0667.jpegThe key part in the reassembly, is the re-identification with the illusory self.  The illusion will certainly persist given the amount of attention we continue to give it. Without the supply of oxygen (thoughts and beliefs) to fuel the illusion,  the illusion cannot carry on. With our continued support, the illusory self continues to breathe its falsity.

Pulling the plug on the illusory self, is essentially seeing how we directly aid and abet it’s continued existence. Seeing it, is seeing we are not it. Also, seeing that the process of support we give is always NOT in the Moment of Now.  Past and future never really exist except in the false creation of what’s not happening, the ideal conditions for illusions. 

And false self is always after the Priorness. False self is embedded in the concept of time while the Priorness abides in timelessness. It is time, particularly past and future, that allows the seeming falseness to prevail as the doer, thinker, feeler, or haver. These nouns representing activity, come after the activity (not before). Time is used to create some ‘thing’ and put it before that ‘thing’ (and the activity) that actually happened. 

IMG_0674.jpegThis ‘thinking’ and ‘believing’ in the fiction we create, seemingly displaces the Presence of Priorness to be prior.

An additional point to observe is the proviso of “what can be perceived cannot be perceiving”.  This pointer discriminates immediately, any false pretenders. All ‘things’ are perceived. A ‘no thing’ cannot be perceived.

IMG_0649.jpegBut the ‘me’ persists. But what persists more is the container of everything that ‘Is’. The Isness cannot be surpassed as it is before time. Staying with the ‘Isness’  and its all-ness to include the attempt to reassemble, is to abide in the big picture i.e. the backdrop to everything.

IMG_0673.jpegIf the identity shifts from the foreground of illusion to the background of stable groundlessness, we have the essence of being Being. Without the loss of belief in the illusion, our natural engagement with Priorness is halted.

The dimensionless fullness of “What Is”, is the true starting point relative to the false starting point of  a manufactured self, we formerly imagined it to be.

IMG_0680.jpegThere is no ‘person’ to get anything, to include experience or  understanding. But, the ‘person’ persists in its me-ness.  Having a profound experience where unified consciousness is clearly seen as  everything, can easily go back to ‘having’ versus ‘being’ this so-called experience, thus enabling  the illusory ‘person’ to come back again.

Reassembly starts immediately after  the concept lands in the person ‘having’ the experience. When the ‘person’ has the experience, that means the ‘person’ has recreated its own illusory self. There is no one to have anything to include an experience. That is the reassembly! That only occurs when the ‘person’ pops back in.                              

IMG_0668.jpeg“Isness” does not require an illusory person to do It’s business. 

There is never a ‘someone’ to ever ‘become’ because there is no future needed except when falsely identifying with a ‘someone’. There is no person to ever get it as there is no ‘person’.

IMG_0661.jpegBut what we will do, is say to ourselves “That I need to get it”. ’That’, is the continued creation of false self, period.

The false self can never, ever get it. It is an illusion. And it is a ploy to go into the future to get something that is Present in this Moment. Let the wild goose chase begin.

What Is Present does not need anything that is not really Present to look for something that Is always Present. ‘Getting it’ is superfluous when We Are It Now.

Instead of looking for the Priorness that is always prior to everything, in the future, ‘See’ that the Priorness Is Us, Now. Looking in the future to get the ‘getting’ that we Are with the fraudulent lens of an illusory self, is doubling down on failure to realize an ever-present Self.

There is no one to get anything later as everything is Here Now. The ‘trap’ is always set the same way. See the way the trap works and what will then be Seen, is the Seeing that is no one and Nothing.

IMG_0682.jpeg‘Getting it’ cannot be gotten by ‘getting’, only by Being It. And stopping the doing of trying to get ‘it’, can allow Being without the unnecessary distraction and effort.

Be the Love that Loves Love, Daddy’OIMG_0647

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