IMG_0720 2.jpegEmptiness fills everything- yes? Could it be another way? What is emptiness?
When we are empty, what does that mean experientially?

What do we experience when emptiness is found to be present? Is ‘It’ the some-thing-ness that is nothing but still has substance and a ‘knowing’- is that it?

IMG_0726.jpegCan we even begin to describe it? Describing ‘It’ would be a mind trick in that the built-in barrier of mind (thought) does not have the bandwidth to find ‘It, as ‘It’ is not a thing. To describe ‘It’ is to leave the substance of experiencing it for words. Experiencing ‘It’ via awareness, is more apt to find (See) this empty field of nothing. ‘It’ is Us without a person or focus on the personal. It is our original face that has no birth/death. This ‘indescribable’ has Presence only Now.

IMG_0703.jpegIf always Present, what then is the occlusion that seemingly blocks Its splendor? ‘Presence’ is existence without the limitation of time. This Presence is prior to the subsequent overlay of time. Time allows the mischaracterization of whom we are to be established as prior to the Priorness. Priorness is essentially the Source of everything to include time. Using the limitation of words, there is nothing prior to the Priorness.

IMG_0701.jpegTo create a ‘something’ or ‘somebody’ and characterize ‘it’ as us, is distorting time and creating an illusory self supported by a lot of past and future.

Going back to ‘Emptiness’, we find there are no lines drawn in this tabula rasa. Even one line drawn creates a polarity of ‘this’ and ‘that’. Emptiness does not tolerate even one line being drawn, as that would divide the un-dividable. Dividing ‘Emptiness’ would distort It’s Truth -i.e. emptiness. Timelessness and the purity of nothing is in the nature of ‘Emptiness’.

IMG_0694.jpegThe apparent occlusion in Seeing ’Emptiness’, is the accumulation of all the lines needed to be drawn to create an illusory self that becomes an obstinate barrier to Seeing the ‘Self’ of ‘Emptiness’.

‘Emptiness’ fills everything as ‘It’ Is the source of everything. If everything is the dreamt, the ‘Emptiness’ Is the Dreaming of the dreamt. The ‘Dreaming’ has nothing but gives everything to the dreamt.

IMG_0718.jpegTo awaken from the ‘dreamt’ takes no time and we lose essentially nothing despite it seeming like everything. The ‘dreamt’ had absolutely no impact on the ‘Dreaming’. Again, We Are the ‘Dreaming’. There are no lines ever really drawn except in the ‘dreamt’ . The ‘dreamt’ means nothing to the ‘Dreaming’.
The ‘dreamt’ is filled with everything and ‘that’ is essentially nothing.

IMG_0710.jpegErgo, there is no-one to receive any thing because there is no-one but the ‘Emptiness’. There is no-one to love -just Loving. Being nothing allows us to be everything. Having expectations is having lines drawn. Emptiness without any lines drawn, is our true nature. The vehicle of the body is then used by ‘Emptiness’ to dream the dream of something while freely being the nothing of everything.

Loving Love, Daddy’O 

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