IMG_0894There are no stops in the ‘flow’. If the ‘flow’ had stops then it wouldn’t be the flow. The appearance of stopping is a result of the ‘person’ pulling out of the flow and stopping to be the ‘person’.

Why stop to be a ‘person’ when a ‘person’ is only a fictitious creation that is stuck on the ‘known’?

The ‘known’ is only known when the ‘Knowing’ is Present. Otherwise the ‘known’ could not be known. ‘Knowing’ is absolutely essential to See any thing (like the known).

IMG_1017.jpegWhen the ‘person’ is stuck on the ‘known’ then the foreground is believed to be more important than the background. When in reality, it is the background that gives the foreground its very existence, lest we forget the essential and priorness of the background.

The background is the Nothing that has the Everything. Focusing on the foreground to the virtual exclusion of the background, is a focus on a whole lot of stuff. This stuff is impermanent and constantly in flux.

IMG_0896.jpegInstability with many ‘stops’, characterizes this foreground. Flow is made difficult while It’s nature is easy. Flow is defined by a constancy of movement. Flow has no lines of demarcation built into It. It Is fluid as fluid can be. It Is verb as it has no noun-ing.

A ‘person’ is a noun, an unnecessary noun or ’stop’. These nouns we identify with are important only because we identify with them, wrongly. The identification is an unnecessary step in that it is a step away from the permanence of “What Is”.

IMG_0897Verification of unnecessary ‘stops’ is easily accomplished when realizing a ’stop’ is a noun and the ‘known’, as well as often a false identity. It is not ‘the Knowing’. The ‘Knowing’ is a verb that never stops as It’s nature is ‘flow’. 

Creating a ‘person’ requires a constant disruption to the ‘flow’. The start/stop is not an ideal situation for ‘flow-ing’. If movement is ‘flow’, contrarily stopping is ‘person’. Ergo, ‘person’ is antithetical to being ‘flow’. Being a ‘person’ is constantly being in the foreground while the background is rarely viewed and/or acknowledged.

IMG_0992.jpeg‘Flow’ is in the background in that the background has no stops. Flow is effortless, in that background is spaciousness with no walls at all. Walls of ’stops’ are created by creating a ‘person’, who is not sustainable without the ‘stops’. The ‘stops’ are always in time and in the foreground. The foreground has rampant instability as ‘things’ rise and fall.  It is meant to be temporary.

IMG_0967.jpegSeeing from the background is Seeing from the Spaciousness where there are no stops as no lines are drawn. No lines drawn mean no artificial separateness from ‘flow’. 

IMG_1003.jpegSpaciousness, flow, Oneness without an artificial ‘person’, allows Love to flow everywhere. Once a ‘person’ is created, then Love is separated and can no longer be Love. The ‘person’ stops the fullness of Love, seemingly.

The Knowing never stops and is always the essential fullness of Love as there is no ‘person’ to receive this Love.

Surrender the ‘person’ is surrendering the ‘stops’ and the foreground of change and instability.

The absence of the ‘person’ allows Self to be seen clearly. There are no ‘stops’ in Self. Although verb-ing or Being, there is no movement in Self. The aliveness is the verb that doesn’t change.

IMG_0994.jpegfullsizeoutput_610b.jpegThe ‘Knowing’ Sees the experience but is not touched by the experienced. Even in the foreground where ’stops’ abound, the ‘Knowing’ is knowing the known.

Know the ‘Knowing’, Know the background, Know the Love, and Know the Flow that needs no ‘person’. ’See’ from the ‘Knowing’.

Know from the ‘Knowing’ that you Are Love with no need for any noun. This is Love with no stops or conditions.



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