So, is there anywhere to really go, if where we start from, is where we end up?GP2C3112

Going somewhere else, takes us away from the starting point, which at the same time, is the endpoint. Where would we go except somewhere where there isn’t a starting point or end point?

GP2C3101.jpegIs there such a place as somewhere where there isn’t a starting point or endpoint? There is, in the illusory sense of our Reality creating a false reality. Essentially, ‘this’ illusory place is much like a dream. A dream is inherently false, temporary, and surely illusory.

Waking up from a dream to see the dream, is going back to the starting/endpoint of pure existence, to see the illusion. The story in the dream is usually given up immediately upon waking. Is the story/narrative about the ‘person’ seen as readily?

IMG_0904.jpegThe ‘person’ is unequivocally believed to be real, as juxtaposed to the dreamt character. Is this belief really necessary or does investment in a false character cause missteps in the wrong direction?

Why is the story/narrative in waking, more compelling than the dream in sleeping?

Can we wake up from the idea of a ‘person’ as essentially no more or less compelling than the dreamt character in sleeping state? And why do we take ourselves so much more seriously as a ‘person’ that has no real continuity?

IMG_0830.jpegWhen we wake up from sleeping we go back into time, that is now versus what happened. Time tells us we slept and dreamt. In this context there is no dream, no character, and no presence of a character. Easy.

The ‘person’ in the waking dream is in time. The difference is that time is then being used to create the ‘person’ and the constant chatter around the ‘person’ to seemingly give it life. When in fact, it is only the identification, affirmation and perseveration of constant attention, that seemingly gives life to the addiction called the ‘person’.

IMG_0844.jpegWe do not want to wake up from this waking dream because of the investment and strong belief in losing something that cannot be found except conceptually.

Time in the waking state overstates itself by believing what happened (past), happened to a ‘person’ after it happened. The problem here is that the ‘person’ was manufactured after the event took place. How could what had happened without a ‘person’ now happened to a ‘person’? Time is misused to insert an illusory person in front of the event, after the event.

IMG_0792.jpegPerpetuating this fraud of ownership is the inherent stipulation of the continuity of the ‘person’ when there is no real substance to that stipulation. There is no owner, or doer, or thinker or feeler. These ideas, sensations, thoughts, feelings, and things done, is Life just happening. There is no ‘person’ to have a life. Life is lived through our vehicles. Our vehicles may have names but the substance of Life Is all names (and forms).

GP2C3094.jpegContinuity of Life is sustained despite the birth/death of all forms. Continuity and formlessness is expressed through forms. To create an unsustainable ‘person’ is to miss the eternal continuity of Life.

The starting point is formlessness, the middle point is formlessness and the endpoint is formlessness. Ultimately there is no starting or endpoint. Vehicles masquerading as ‘persons’ still have continuity, as their formlessness is never lost. Continuity cannot be lost as it is essentially Formlessness. Continuity tells us It Is Formlessness.

GP2C3103.jpegWe Are the ‘Priorness’ before time shows up. We Are the timeless continuity of Life ‘just’ happening with no ‘person’ needed to witness as there Is only the witnessing or ‘Knowing’. Everything has the ‘Knowing’ in it as there Is only the ‘Knowing’.

There is no need for a perfunctory ‘person’ in time, as the cost of manufacturing is prohibitive to clouding the ‘Knowing’ which Is always Present. And so, there is no where to go, there’s nothing to do, and there is no-one to be.

IMG_0834.jpegTake no steps and We Are here Now, Fully.

Love Loves eternally, Daddy’O

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