GP2C3134.jpegLove Is Everything and Everything Is Love. Love loves Love because It Is Itself Loving, Loving It’s nothingness and openness. The characteristic of ’no conditions’ and/or no thing-ness, allows Love to Be Everything. ‘It’ Is only Love. 

At the phenomenal and temporal level, Love Is still present but not as discernible, as Its native subtlety does not parade and compete with ‘stuff’. As in the description of Awareness, there is absolutely no pushing, in Love. Love Is without a landing as there is no need for a landing. There is nothing to push against or for. Love Is Everything. And it belongs to no one while being everyone without any need to land or establish Itself in some finite structure.

GP2C3151Similarly, ’gifting’ (as described here) is potentially a verb without a landing or need to become a noun. ‘Gifting’ can be a form of Loving if one responds from pure Love when giving freely with no need for ownership or remuneration. ‘Gifting’ then becomes a vehicle for Love.

GP2C3146.jpegGifting of trinkets or things is essentially a cover for expressing pure Love.

GP2C3153For some, direct Loving can be a threat if the heart is armored and protective. ‘Gifting’ is not as direct but the ‘Love’ is right there, before the gifting, during the gifting and after the gifting. When no-one owes anyone after the gifting, including the need to reciprocate, the gifting has probably given Love. 

Loving is a verb with no need to establish Itself in a noun. But one may argue and say that, “I love some one or some thing?” Even the appearance of a ‘thing’ ultimately is not even a noun. A permutation of Being aka ‘thing’, is really only Being Being. No noun is ever really found. Love stops Being Love when we parry to a ‘thing’. Love is much free-er when It is not manipulated. Love Is always Loving Love.

GP2C3152.jpegParrying Love through a thing is what makes the ‘thing’ worthwhile. Without Love, the thing is just a thing with no inundation of Love Present and resonating. Constantly coming from the field of Love, ‘things’ take their place as temporary phenomena, and ‘Loving’ Is Present as the permanence of Being. ’Things’ can then become a conduit for expression of Loving but not for attachment to phenomena. 

‘Gifting’ when initiated with pure Love, puts appropriate perspective on the formlessness of Love versus the form of a gift. The gift is an excuse to Love more freely and openly just like Love Itself -free, formless, open and unprotected.

GP2C3144.jpegThe distraction of a gift often lowers the defenses of the receiver to receive rather than ask ‘Why?” The receiver may need a reassurance to accept, but less so if Love is given directly from the heart first and then the gift. Love never stops Loving regardless of the circumstances in this or any transaction. Love has no stops.

GP2C3137.jpeg‘Gifting’ a gift is essentially gifting Love. When is Love not Loving or gifting? It Is in the nature of Love to Love. It Is who we Are. A gift is not needed for Love to be Present. But sometimes it is just more fun to pretend we need a gift.

GP2C3138.jpegIt Is all Love Loving Love, Daddy’O     


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