‘No view’ serves no one. ’No view’ is free of perspective except that it is all perspectives. All perspectives serve everyone while serving no one.

IMG_1084.jpegIn ‘no view’ there are no preferences. If there were a preference a view would be served. 

IMG_1040IMG_1042Is there really a need to have a view if all views are being served? All views can be served if all views are really ‘one’ view, which is ‘no view’. 

IMG_1075.jpegSince all ‘persons’ are illusory, as in a dream, there is no need to have any view. If there is only ‘one’ then is that really a ‘view’?

IMG_1049.jpegIn order to have a ‘view’ there needs to be an alternative view, yes? There are no ‘real’ persons so is there really an alternative view? There is only one ‘view’ i.e. ‘no view’.

IMG_1053.jpegSo what’s the problem here? We all seem to have a view when there is no need for a view. Having a view means we are creating something that is clearly superfluous.

IMG_1057.jpegHowever, at the same time we demand to have a view for each ‘person’. Obviously, when we lose the need for a person we lose the need for a view. The ‘person’ demands a view so that the ‘person’ can come seemingly alive to demand its illusory life.

The chain-of-custody of having a ‘view’ starts with the illusion of a person and the supplemental illusion of this ‘person’ having the territory of viewpoint. The ‘chain-of-custody’ designation is merely illustrating the jailing of this created personal illusion to greater lengths of incarceration by engaging in having anything, to include a viewpoint.

IMG_1055.jpegTo wit, the compounding of investment in a ‘person’ just keeps on growing and growing. The ‘view’ then opens to enormous interest that is again, compounded.

Losing the ‘view’, then becomes an issue due to all the bad investments that were made and heralded. Everything from the ‘person’ to the ‘view’ onward is pure illusion. This illusion can go nowhere since it is not even real. But the chain we put on it is attached to the ‘person’. The illusory person cannot get out of the illusory person. But seeing the illusion, sees that nothing is really lost, to include the idea of a ‘person’ with a view.

IMG_1079.jpeg’No view’ cannot be reached as there is no distance to go and nothing to reach. Going ‘here’ cannot be reached as it is ‘here’ and ‘now’. Going outside of ‘here’ is pure illusion. Leaving ‘here’ to find something ‘there’ requires time and that is an illusion called future. Only a ’seeming’ ‘person’ would look for an illusion.

There is no ‘person’ and there is no ‘view’. Draw no lines nor make any stops in spaciousness. Spaciousness carved up into ‘this’ and ‘that’ creates false views and illusions that only appear real. Realness is nothing but spaciousness; and that allows for everything to appear in nothingness and disappear in nothingness.

IMG_1081.jpeg‘No view’ is the fullness of spaciousness with everywhere to go while going nowhere. Holding something that doesn’t exist is stopping (seemingly) the flow that never stops flowing.

IMG_1029.jpegLove Is loving all views while Being no view. Daddy’O


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