Looking from an illusion, for an illusion, is delusion.” 

For what?! For something. Something that is never really found as far as permanence is concerned. ‘Something’ is that ‘thing’ that attracts us causing unnecessary effort and dogged stubbornness in getting ‘it’s’ consummation. It is a tiresome venture with no happy ending.

But we still ‘believe’ we can do it. But there is no ‘doing it’ because ‘doing’ cannot get it done. And what we are ‘looking’ for can’t be found ‘where’ we are looking nor by ‘what’ is ‘looking’. Lastly, the inherent ’belief’ is another fictional element that has no basis in reality, increasing delusion.

‘Looking’ itself is farfetched in that ‘that’ activity is futile, because when Everything Is Present, where could you effectively ’look’?

This futility is compounded by not only no satisfactory finding, but the shallowness of ‘what we find’. What we find is always temporary and unfulfilling. Satiation and contentment do not arrive.

So, a thought arrives that we dearly need something or somebody. The thought appears to be valid, but whose thought is it? This thought’s illegitimacy is immediately found out upon the above reflection. The illusory ‘me’ really needs nothing as it is an illusion. The ‘me’ is the neediness. 

But let’s say that we skip over that boulder and go on with this particular thought. Going with, greeting, and harboring this thought results in a clear preference for leaving Beingness. The Fullness of having ‘no thought’ is replaced with a ‘thing’ aka thought. 

Already the dissatisfaction has arrived due to the separation. Needing that something or someone becomes a ‘push’. Just the ‘push’ is uncomfortable. We now grasp from the wrong type of emptiness. Discomfort accelerates and then we may engage in further action to consummate the desire, completely losing our center.

We just threw Beingness under the bus and now expect to get the happiness and satisfaction that was never there to begin with, through this superficial engagement.

Any desire for something or someone, by the ‘me’, has the capacity to bind and stop connection with Self, by the the mere ‘looking’. This action is clearly, upon introspection, is coming from a deficit, a neediness that supplants Fullness (remarkably). Also, the seeming necessity of courting the desire must be questioned. 

This superficial viewpoint, this extremely narrow path of ‘me’ first, is what seemingly upends the fullness of Being. The strength of the desire is artificial and impure from the standpoint of the un-necessariness of ‘looking for’ any ‘thing’, e.g. externally-based happiness, for and from the path of ‘me’.

Looking from an illusion for an illusion is delusion.  This is the wrong view, yes?

Beingness is the true foreground but is seemingly only Present in the background. Seeing Everything from what is usually the backdrop, is now switched to the proper view (foreground first) that negates the silliness of the very restricted path of ‘me’ first. Beingness Is Everything anyway. Getting it right is a matter of ’Seeing’ not ‘looking’, from Beingness.

In the ’Now’, backdrop becomes foreground. This reversal is the start of ’Seeing’ from Emptiness. Subsequently foreground/background become meaningless as there is no real reason to have a distinction in Oneness.

So, there is no need to ‘look’ for anything. Just ‘looking’ is an indicator of a misstep. The synchronicity of Beingness is implicitly Present. Being fully Present in this Moment without any cause to commit to any thought, is enough. A constant falling into our true heart, integrates all that is already integrated.

Ceasing the ‘looking’ will result in no ‘wrong places’. Follow the ‘heart’ home to Here and Now.

Be that. Love that. Love Is effortless.  Daddy’O

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