There can be no ‘doing’ in Being nor in meditation. For meditation is Being with absolutely no ‘doing’. ‘Doing’ meditation is ‘thinking’ we are meditating. Iterating, meditation cannot be done or be thought-based.

The Priorness we all Are, Is the thing-less-ness of just Being. This Priorness can also be called “I
Am”, existence, Awareness, and/or Beingness. But these all are just words that just point to an unmistakable and undefinable Self we all Are.

The point is that existence, the basic start of life in this venue, is without argument. If there was no existence then there would be no further movement into thoughts, feelings, sensations, or other things. Without existence, all the above matters not.

Meditation is not a ‘doing’ because we actually go nowhere and do nothing. There is no need to travel to even another state of mind because that would be over-engaging into phenomena, when our seeming goal is recognizing existence or Beingness. Since Beingness is always Present, travel is completely irrelevant. And the act doing of anything would make no sense, as that would be a departure from existence and an indulgence in ‘things’.

And ‘doing’ could also imply a ‘doer’. Is the ‘doer’ prior to things or after existence? The ‘doer’ is more phenomena. Existence needs no ‘doer’ nor the illusion a ‘doer’ represents.

Life is ‘doing’ without the need for a ‘doer’. ‘It’ is the verbing without stops or nouns needed to Be. Nouns are ‘things’. ’Things’ are post-Being not prior. Any ownership can only be attributed to the Causeless Cause, i.e. Life Itself.

Meditation is getting that there is no-one to get it or do it, leaving only the ‘I Am’. Meditation Is emptiness, spaciousness, silence that Knows the experience as well as the Experiencing as Self. Existence needs no help in existing. Meditation Is honoring Life at this seminal level without things structuring it.

Focusing on what we Are requires no effort. Directing attention outwardly, is engaging in an illusory world when viewed from the eternal Priorness. Our true nature is absolute stillness and the silent groundless ground.

This freedom has no boundaries and therefore can contain everything while not being anything. Acknowledging ‘this’ in every Moment, is meditation effortlessly accomplished, with no trying or not trying.

Be ‘That’ always. Being Being Is the Priorness to every thing.

Love Always Now as there Is only Love. Daddy’O

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