We do really need to establish ourselves in society properly by having a view. A view may certainly be helpful in negotiating the rigors of day-to-day life. However, ‘locking’ on a view is a different story. 

GP2C3224A ‘view’ is essentially a very temporary distillation of the big picture. The big picture cannot be accurately interpreted by our fractional piece of what we ‘think’ is true. The vastness is even difficult to comprehend scientifically because of  paradoxes or contrary things happening at the same time e.g. black holes.

Essentially a ‘view’ may explain some things but clearly, to be definitive, is something else. Science itself progresses in its view from apple falling in Newtonian physics to the observer effecting the observed  in Quantum Mechanics and beyond. Views evolve. And views still cannot contain the immensity of infinity.

GP2C3226.jpegErgo, ‘views’ are always a compromise. Their separateness from reality is their bane.

Having a ‘view’ is the wrong view as far as Beingness is concerned. Beingness needs no view. Beingness is all views.

The other problem with ‘views’ is there is no-one there to have one. The character is not real enough to sustain a ‘view’ unless we believe otherwise, and that then is an illusion.

To have a ‘view’ is to have limitation. To be limited is to not be free, i.e. to be bound. ‘Boundlessness’ has timelessness and nothingness yet no need to have a view as ‘It’ Is Everything.

A ‘view’ is ok as a practical application to living but clearly with the caveat that any binding is a finding of having too much of a ‘view’.

To wit, the ‘view’ is as disposable as toilet paper. To cling to a view is make a vow to the ‘view’, inculcating it into our identity. The result is that the ‘view’ really has you. This is the binding.

Practically speaking, if we are wondering why we are stuck and why we do not know what to do -that is an example of having a view.

The stuck-ness, and the view are both indicators of someone having something. In this case something undesirable.

GP2C3228.jpegAll this is pointing to the derision created by entertaining a ‘self’.  A false self is the assertion of not ‘Being’. Not ‘Being’ is pushing the foreground of self over the everything of Being.

‘Being’ is not an assertion. It Is effortless-ness with absolutely no lines drawn, ever. Pushing will assure us of never being Being. Too much ‘view’ is pushing. No view, is spaciousness with no obstacles to attach to, as spaciousness is the clutter free backdrop.

When things are seemingly not going well for us, perhaps we are entertaining too much of a ‘view’ and too little of ‘no view’.

GP2C3221.jpegStepping back, and then again stepping back, and again finding ourselves in the falling of stepping back, allows the foreground to come into its very clear temporary-ness, as a short phenomenal event, just as any ‘thing’ in any phenomena is.

Simple existing as ‘existence’ with no added features, assures us of the propriety of Being Life Itself. ‘It’ Is enough. ‘It’ Is full enough already. To add a ‘thing’ is too subtract. No views is Nothingness.

GP2C3225.jpegLove Loves all always Now.  Daddy’O         

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