Everything is Love. 

Breaking free from what we think, is breaking from a staid view. Surrender from a singular point of reference called ‘me’, is a surrender of the illusion of separation. Losing separation gains everything as everything Is Everything.

0001.jpgAny form or phenomena is present in Everything. Everything Is space-like in that ‘this’ formlessness is suffused within the form and holding form as well. There is nothing that is outside of the formlessness.  The formlessness that contains everything ultimately is everything.

There is nothing that is not ‘It’.

Our bottom line in this very moment, is existence or Being. This knowing is knowing the formlessness. Knowing existence is ‘knowing’ without the need for form. 

Our existence is being held by the divine spaceless-ness of space. ‘It’ Is an openness that has no location or finding. This spaceless-ness has never moved. ‘It’ cannot be perceived. Therein lies the common problem. We are stuck on finding and getting forms. This tendency monopolizes our resources completely, resulting in the singular view.

0002.jpgThere cannot be any position taken by anything or anyone when moving towards the ‘Openness’ of whom we are. Even understanding is an impediment because ‘this’ cannot be understood.

The divine space holding existence cannot be seen internally when poxed with ‘the view’ from the illusory self that limits the unlimited. “All Is Love” is not an understanding as much as it is a Knowing. A Knowing from ‘no view’ and no attachment to forms/phenomena, does ‘Know’.

A singular point of reference is exceedingly limiting and narrow, to grasp any real Knowing of formlessness. This ‘Knowing’ is sourced from Source not conceptual-ness. It Is unacquired knowledge versus acquired knowledge.

The spiritual heart space is the nexus to formlessness. A felt sense of existence and transcendence immediately fosters a connection to this spaciousness. The feeling is the resonance of openness. Effortless Love abides here, Being everything and attaching to nothing. Turning attention inward ‘here’ is returning to forever.

All is Love. The ‘I Am’ (existence) is the vehicle for expression of Life Itself. Allow ‘this’ effortless-ness. The dance we dance is Life dancing through us, with ‘us’ Being within the Sea of Tranquility, and ultimately the Sea of Tranquility.

“. . .this is based on the assumption that I, who would control things, am something apart from what I would control.” -Alan Watts

0000.jpgLet Love Love always, Daddy’O      

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