There is nowhere to land this thing. Understanding that understanding is not a viable methodology for ‘getting it’. Leaving understanding as a place reserved for ‘things’, is understanding that there is a place for understanding. 

0004.jpegThis ‘thing’ called spirituality is still a ‘thing’. That is, spirituality is a concept in search of understanding. If we land ‘here’ we are not ‘there’ because ‘here’ and ‘there’ are fixed places that have lost their essential dynamic of aliveness. Essentially, when we are ‘fixed’ or we have ‘landed’, we make a stop where there are really no stops.

0006.jpegWe are then essentially forms demanding to continue to be forms. Forms are ’stops’ or landings that evoke a completion or end. All that is OK for forms. But are we a form first and last? Forms are landings that when settled on, stop movement and aliveness. ‘We’ are not sticking anywhere as Beings Being.

0003.jpegThe idea of ‘looking’ for a ‘landing’ is an acknowledgement of being stuck in a form for a form, neither of which goes anywhere. Understanding that understanding is a loss leader for being Being, is understanding that understanding is not ‘the way’.

0000.jpegPure Knowing is not ‘understanding’. Pure Knowing is knowing ‘Knowing’ or Awareness, is being aware of Awareness without the necessity of ’thinking’ or ‘understanding’. Conceptual thinking and conceptual understanding are limitations due to their subsequent status indigenous to creation or phenomena.

0002.jpegWhat ‘Is’,  ‘Is’,  with no help from ‘ideas’ to try to state what is prior to concepts. ‘Isness’ is undefinable given conceptual restraints. Defining ‘Isness’ is like trying to land the ‘Formless’ when it should be obvious there is ‘nothing’ to land.

‘Looking for a landing’ is using our Beingness to find Beingness in a ‘thing’ or location. That effort is futile, as there is no location, as Beingness Is all locations and not locatable as a ‘thing’ or concept.

0007.jpegThis is the freedom of Beingness, Being everywhere/nowhere, Being Formless while Being in forms. To try to land ’This’ is to not know the nature of our Nature. Yet, at the same time, the struggle is that we continue to ‘land’ someplace, somewhere with some thing, nonstop.

Being ’Nothingness’ means that there is only room for nothing. Putting ‘something’ in ‘nothing’ ruins ‘nothingness’. This spaciousness is spaciousness because ‘nothing’ sticks to it resulting in no sticking points.

The ‘me’ is always looking for something to buttress its apparent falseness. It will try to land spirituality like it lands everything else. Why wouldn’t it?!

0008.jpegThe intention here is to embrace the ‘Knowing’ as ourselves. Our selves being ‘nothing’ and this ‘nothingness’ having nothing to ‘do’ with the ‘me’.

See the ‘me’ as the phenomena it is. The ‘me’ is what is perceived. What is perceiving cannot be found as a ’thing’. See the phenomena and ‘Be’ the Seeing, effortlessly (without trying).

The ‘me’ is a landing. See the space around the ‘me’ and the mechanism (effort) of landing the ‘me’. Perceiving has no stops, ever. See ‘It’. Pure Knowing has no stops or places to land. It is not a concept. 

0001.jpegTo ‘have’ a concept is for the concept to have you. There is no-one Present to have a concept. The ‘Knowing’ is not conceptual as there is no ‘me’ to have anything and/or to land anywhere. Be ’That’, forever falling free.

Love Loves Loving, Daddy’O image.png

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