‘No View’ IS THE VIEW0008.jpeg

There is no view in Formless-ness. And we are Formless-ness first.

Awareness is not a view except when we force it on Awareness. Then is it really Awareness? The ‘view’ is then narrow and fixed.

The formless-ness of Awareness is compromised when we say that ‘we’ have Awareness. Who is the ‘we’? When we start with the ‘we’ or ‘me’, we start at a fixed illusion. This starting point immediately provides a limitation to the fullness of Awareness/Formless-ness.

0006.jpegWhen we say that we have to increase our Awareness by striving to be Awareness, we again impose limitations, due to coming from a pretentious and arbitrary starting point, i.e. illusory self.

0007.jpegThe point here is that the Universe did not begin with the ‘idea’ of ‘me’. The ‘me’ is an artificial belief created like any other thing that has characteristics of being a temporal phenomena. It is a mis-identity with structural limitation. It has never been real nor ever will be enduring.  To start here is to go nowhere. To have a ‘view’ from here, is to herald the illusion.

0004.jpegNothingness has no view. Why would it? Nothingness Is everything without Being anything. The emptiness/spaciousness of ’Nothingness’ has no room for a view. Having a ‘view’ Here would be a ‘stop’ or landing. The infinite cannot be the infinite when a ’stop’ is defined as being part of this eternity.

Having ’no view’ is having no ‘stops’. There is ‘nothing’ to land. What is perceiving cannot be perceived. There is no trying in Beingness. It just Is. When Everything Is everything where can the ‘view’ be?

“You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe -an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where  the universe is becoming conscious of itself.” -Eckhart Tolle 

0000.jpegThe first step of Seeing the Seeing is Seeing everything as Awareness. To start with the ‘me’ or the person is to misstep. The extreme limitation of ‘me’ reduces the Fullness into a narrow funnel. Beginning every Moment from ‘Everything’ first, gives a spaciousness  that affirms ‘What Is’ i.e. a full acceptance. Acceptance is a no-argument with what is happening at all times.

Acceptance is more easily found when we See that whatever is happening is ‘perfect’. When our heart ’Sees’ perfect there is no argument and there is an acknowledgement of  ‘no view’, without trying. Acceptance accepts everything as it Is everything. That is perfect. 

0002.jpegThis letting go allows Everything to Be everything effortlessly. When there is ‘no view’ there is no jump to judgment. The openness of Everything never closes. The aliveness is perpetual. The stops never exist. It Is Beingness Being Being.

0001.jpegThe broadness of Beingness Is a constant Seeing of the Seeing everywhere and in every Moment effortlessly. The Fullness is a felt Presence without the need for thinking and/or perseverating on the ‘me’. The Fullness is primary as it Is Everything without limits (no view).

0003.jpegWhen there are no lines drawn in Nothingness; what can be left and felt is but Nothingness and perfection. Be ’That’ effortlessly Here and Now.

The Love Is Love Loving Love, Daddy’O



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