And there is no ‘me’. The ‘me’ is most often there as part of the forgetting. But the ‘me’ is more like a sign pointing ‘Us’ to ‘Us’. To suggest that we stop at a sign like ‘me’, is to suggest that the sign is the stopping point versus going to our destination. 

0004.jpegTo make a wrong decision to stop at the ‘me’ for peace and happiness, is to miss our destiny of no stopping anywhere for anything at anytime. The destination is no destination, meaning we are just Being. 

Being Is the destination. The infinite loop of Being Being has no stops as It Is being everything. Being Is being everything because ‘It’ Is everything. Everything Is everything to include the sign pointing i.e. ‘me’. 

0000.jpegThe forgetting of being Everything is the locking down of the perennial movement of the aliveness into a stop called ‘me’. The ‘me’ emphasis and/or exclusivity, commands a parochial and narrow focus of Self to the degree that we stay comfortably yet uncomfortably in the ‘me’. 

The ‘discomfort’ is what we feel when we feel for some relief. The relief never really comes in any permanent way, as the ‘me’ continues to subsist at our pleasure. And we also believe in a big way, that the ‘me’ can have lasting pleasure somewhere down the road. The future never comes as planned and/or pursued, and the discomfort again, never really leaves.

0005.jpegThe ‘me’ is an occupier of space, restricting, constricting, and jailing our Selves in smallness. And the ‘me’ can’t see that. But the ‘me’ is not in charge. But if you ask the ‘me’, which we do all the time, the answer is in the affirmative. It is always about the ‘me’ whether we know it or not, whether we articulate it or not.

The ‘me’ can’t help it because identity is deeply conditioned into this ‘idea’ soon after self- awareness is achieved developmentally. A serial history of false identity and cement boots of belief are put on, making it difficult to un-jail ourselves from the ‘me’. 

‘Me’ can never get out of the ‘me’ when we start and end with ‘me’. The starting point is not the ‘me’.

The starting point is the Priorness prior to the establishment of the ‘me’. This Self has no locatable stopping/starting unlike the ‘me’. It Is the Everything in everything without Being anything (no stops ever). 

0006.jpegThe Priorness is not to be achieved or pushed for, as it has a permanent establishment that has never started and will never end. Everything is the Priorness except ‘It’ has no stops and is verbing constantly with silence and stillness. At one level, what ‘stops’ is the ‘me’ and not the ‘Priorness’. But the Priorness is ‘Everything’ and ultimately everything.

The bandwidth of ‘Everything’ is everything plus. Starting ‘here’ is accepting the “What Is” completely. That is something the ‘me’ cannot do, as acceptance is not a ‘doing’. It is a letting go of the ‘me’ and it’s petty needs, protections, and desires.

Everything Is Everything Is complete, effortless, and perfect. The perfection is the yes, yes, yes of all phenomena arising while Being nothing, creating and giving space to the Everything occurring and not occurring.

0002Peace and happiness are the Priorness, the Everything in everything. This peace/happiness Is. No events can displace It and/or start It. It just Is. The ‘me’ is a point in infinity among other points in infinity, with infinity moving past all points as there is no stopping in timelessness, ever.

Be ‘that’ Moment, the Moment that never stops, starts, or ends. This Is Everything. This Is Love Loving Loving ad infinitum.  Daddy’O0003  


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