It Is all Awareness. However, our perseveration on phenomena enhances conditioning to the point of over-looking what Is non-phenomenally present. 

0004.jpegPresence never leaves. It Is in the not ‘never’ always ‘ever’ availability. This of course is in stark contrast to the rising and falling of the dreamscape called our so-called life.  The dreamscape too is contained within the dreaming called Nothingness. Nothingness is dreaming the content called the dream. Nothingness is the undefinable context that allows the definable dream to be played out.

0005.jpegPresence of Self is the focusing of Awareness on Awareness, not phenomena. There of course is no ‘doing’ there, as there is no ‘doer’ nor anything that needs to get done.

0006.jpegSince there is no self,  there is no ‘getting’ for the seeker or another role in the dream. The ‘doing’ and ‘getting’ are illusions that are part of the proverbial and fictional ‘me’. To do or get anything, is playing the ‘me’ and making a solid commitment to the illusory ‘me’. It happens too easily when we lose the reference point of whom we really Are and believe that the dream is real.

0007.jpegWithout the ‘Knowing’ of the reference point of Presence, the consequent behaviors will have a continued separation from effortless Awareness. This ‘Knowing’ is experiential and felt through the portal of  ‘I Am’. 

0008.jpegThe ‘I Am’  is the door that either locks us up in phenomena or the door that liberates Us from the illusory ‘me’. This door represents the butting up of  Presence and illusion.  The ‘I Am’  is neutral in that it is the last and first ‘something’ between Nothingness and everything.

0010.jpegWalking through the ‘I Am’ door leaves the dreamer and the dreamt and reveals the dreaming that is just Being. Being or Presence is formless and un-manifest. This is the space behind the space (metaphorically).

0012.jpegBeing Awareness to the point of Seeing Awareness is to still see phenomena but primarily Seeing the Seeing. The Knowing reveals the Seeing the Seeing as Consciousness playing with form and formlessness. At this point there is no difference between content and context as ‘It’ all Is Consciousness. The ‘separation’ no longer exists nor really ever existed. 

0011.jpegThe view is no view as there is no longer two (advaita).  Everything is Love and nothing but Love. This is Seeing the Seeing as there is nothing but the Seeing. The dream is no longer just the dream. The dreaming is ‘Being’ being phenomena. The difference is really no difference. 

0009It is just an expression of Awareness/consciousness.  Seeing the Seeing is seeing the  formless being the form and then the formless, again and again. It Is all consciousness.

0013.jpegPerceiving the perceived is Perceiving the form while Being the Perceiving and never not the formless nor the illusory form. It Is all Perceiving or Awareness.

0016.jpegEverything Is Love Loving Love. Daddy’O0014.jpeg


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