The gift of Now is already Here. Looking for it, refuses it. Making an effort to find it, is certainly the wrong call. Effortlessness is ‘Its’ hallmark. Presence never leaves the Now. 

The ’Nowness’ demands only the Now. Going into the future betrays Its immediacy. 

‘Looking’, combined with future, is doubling down on ‘other’ than the ‘Now’. Investing in future, is another multiplication of separation. Future, aggravates separation and invites desperation. This artificial distance becomes another layer of illusion to transcend. Distance aids and abets separate self. The Oneness is obscured by these clouds of ignorance, yet still is ever Present.

Unwrapping all the add-ons we constantly apply,is the key. One trap is that we ‘think’ we can find it. ‘It’ can never be found as it was never lost. Presence always abides despite obfuscation. 

So, the starting point we begin with is imperative. If we start from a deficit, we retain deficit-ness. If we start from future we miss the Now. If we want to ‘get it’ for ourselves, we can’t because there is no-one to get it. If we ‘push’ for it, we ‘push’ right past It. Efforts must be questioned.

GP2C3355.jpegAwareness unequivocally has no pushing, no starting, no future, and cannot be found. ‘It’ Is formless-ness  perceiving, that has no ‘other’. No subject/object. It Is a zero, not even a one. Nothingness Is in the ‘no form’ of spaciousness, absolute silence, and stillness that Is alive with Love, and cannot be found, as It’s Presence Is everywhere.

‘Presence everywhere’ can be translated to Being the background to everything, every form, as Seen by Nothing-ness. Being the background to all that arises and falls has no illusions. Only acceptance. Only acceptance, as what is there to resist when You Are everything?

Acceptance is also key for unwrapping the Present. Acceptance has no waiting. Waiting has too much density and is a refusal of Now. Waiting is jumping out of the Now. 

Acceptance is so vast that it allows everything, even our worst fears and narcissistic attitudes to arise. There is nothing that can overcome Acceptance. Absolutely nothing is dismissed, as Acceptance  Is everything. And all ‘that’ Is perfect. Accepting ‘perfect’, despite the seeming shenanigans of mind/thought, is allowing Acceptance to be the vastness that it is without question. 

GP2C3359.jpegUnwrapping Presence we find ’Nothing-ness’. This Is the best gift ever. Why? Because It Is everything. Is there more than everything? 

GP2C3346.jpegFinding nothing is the ‘finding’ we were looking for. Who we Are Is the vastness of everything that is the fullness of Formless-ness. This permanence Is the Everything that allows every thing to arise/fall.   

And this Presence can only seemingly be obscured. The offering is letting go of ’stuff’ that marginalizes us into a narrow view. Letting go of holding on to anything, gives space, gives acceptance, to “What Is”. Having ‘no view’ is the most freedom available and is ‘perfect’ for everything to Be.It is your Present unwrapped right Now.

Love Is only Love right Now.    Daddy’OGP2C3349



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